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What should you do if a guy you know wants to out with you but you're not allowed to date and what do you do to get around your parents or do you tell him you can't go out?

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== Answer == If you want to be mature and you are only 13 - 15, then sit down with your parents and ask if they would consider dropping the both of you off at a movie and then picking you up. You may hate the idea, but you could get to see this guy and also let your parents get to know him, and perhaps they will trust him in time. The same applies if you are in your mid-teens. Ask him to come to your home on his best behavior and have him meet your parents. If he's a nice guy and they get use to him being there they may well see some good qualities in him. Try working with your parents on this because they are only looking after your safety because they love you. Give it a try. Don't be afraid to tell this guy your parents are very strict. A guy worth his salt will have no problem meeting your parents although it's uncomfortable for him. Good luck Marcy
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