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What should you do if you love your husband but recently found out he has cheated 4 times with 4 different girls?

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Once you might forgive your husband for cheating, but 2 - 3 - 4 times ... kick him out! You deserve better! When you keep taking him back in he has absolutely no respect for you and certainly no respect for himself. He has it good! He knows he can have the fine life and still come wandering up the path to your open arms. Stop it! There are some great men out there, so get away from this guy and start having the good life you deserve. Ask yourself this, "Do I really love him, or do I just feel I need a man around and support from this man?" Life is grand out there and you don't need him to get it. Good luck Marcy
  • Forgive him and understand that he is only being a man. The affairs were physical, no different than completing a marathon or mountain climbing. His emptional connection is real, and it is all that should matter.
Answer Honestly, you may need to re-evaluate your realtionship with him. It seems that each time you take him back, you condone his behavior. You send a message to him that says, " You hurt me, but it's o.k. that you keep doing this." Men..and women only do what they are allowed to do in relationships. You may need to set some boundaries. Also, ask yourself if he really enhances your life in any way? Does he add to or take away from your self worth? and finally..Do YOU love YOU?..I am sure you will make the right decision. Answer If it doesn't bother you that he's cheating than don't worry about it. If it bothers you than make that move and get a divorce. Cheating or adultery is a good reason that the courts will recognize for a divorce. If children are involved please keep control of your emotions(there is nothing that can change what has been done anyway). The kids did not ask to come into this world you, through your actions, helped to bring them here. So please take special care, whatever decision you make. If you need to talk with someone, get in touch with a counselor. Counselors are available through catholic charity if you can't afford one. Answer I know what you are going through. I recently found out that my husband of 3 years was cheating on me a year and a half ago with 4 different woman but more than 4 times. It still hurts and its not like I kept taking him back. I found out about all 4 of them the same day since it was such a long time ago. I have a 2 year old and I'm 8 and a half months pregnant with the second. I still love him and being that there are kids its not as easy for me to get out of the relationship. I was thinking about talking to a pastor about our problems and see what happens there. Everybody makes mistakes and he confessed on his own. It's not like I asked him because I never thought he would ever do that to me. God bless you with your relationship and I hope everything works out for you. Answer In all honesty, If you are tolerating his behavior your putting yourself at risk for many things, std's and also the possibility he knock someone up and totally destroy your lives.
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