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What should you do if your girlfriend got pregnant by another man while you were temporarily broken up and didn't find out until after you made up?

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1st things 1st...As soon as the baby is born do a DNA test. Well, how dedicated are you to this girl? do you forsee spending your life with her? If so, be accepting, and take the child in as your own. If not, try to help your GF, but don't worry about the baby if you will have no part in it's future. It depends--do you love your gf enough that it wouldn't matter if the child wasn't biologically yours? Would you be willing to accept and love the child as your own? If you don't feel that you could do that, I would suggest breaking up. In any case, a DNA test should be done so that the birth certificate can have the legal father's name on it--the man who should be held responsible for the financial support of the child.
Its all about adjustments you'll be making with your life. Adjustments are also made with the person you want to live your rest of the life. In the most of the cases its up to you, if you can digest the truth behind the relationship's past and future. I suggest if you can flush "what was happened" then it won't make any problem in future to yourself and the relationship with your loved one, but If you can't make it then there's problem or adjustments you'll have to make with your life.
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