What should you save your money for?

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An Xbox One, lol jk!

Srsly though: taxes

People who have no savings are not prepared for any unexpected expense, and fall prey to financial emergencies all the time, and may have to take out short term loans from unscrupulous lenders at excessively high interest rates. Money has a great many uses, it pay for both necessities and luxuries, and you really never know what expense may arise in your life. Some day you will want to buy something, and if you have saved some money, you will be able to buy it.
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How much money should you save before moving to Amsterdam?

Answer . Coming from someone who moves once every 2 years just about it for my husbands work I have learned many helpful things. Be sure to save up for: food, transporation

Should you turn your thermostat on and off to save money and energy?

You can, but a better idea is to get a programmable thermostat. The main problem with turning off the thermostat is that you'll turn on your thermostat first thing in the morn

Why should people save money?

People should save money for their future. Depending on your age, different people will come across different expenses. For example: My friend hates saving money. He thinks th

Why should you save money at a younger age?

The more money you save at an earlier age, the more money you'll have saved up for college! If you have the minimum amount of money for a CD (Certificate of Deposit), save you

Why should young people save money?

let's say you are 20yo starting career at 20000$ Income to replace that money you would need the sum of 20000*12/0.05=400000$ in today's money but because you still have 45 ye

How much money should a 22 year old have saved?

There is no set amount. Have your own personal goals and don't stress if you haven't got as much saved as someone else your age.

Why should students learn to save money?

Students should learn to save money because when they group up, they have to be responsible for themselves. So, the money they earn, you have to keep it safe. However, Some Pa
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How much money should you save before moving to California?

There are a number of factors which are relevant to your financial needs when moving to California. If you already have friends and/or relatives in California, with whom you w