What significance does the number 2 have in the Bible?

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Number 2
There are two testaments, the Old and the New. There are two poles, North and South. The disciples were told to go out two by two. In the Scriptures there are two places for souls. For the saved, it is heaven and for the lost it is hell. Jesus went to hell in the place of the believer and the soul of Jesus was a burnt offering there. There are two witnesses of God: Moses and Elijah and they are called the two olive trees, one upon the right side of the candlestick and one upon the left side (Zechariah 4:11). They stand by the God of the whole earth. God has two Kingdoms: the Kingdom of God (John 3) which is spiritual and the Kingdom of Heaven (Amos 9:11, Matthew 3:1) which is literal. There are two natures in the believers. In Romans 7, Paul deals with the number two because he is dealing with man's two natures: the old Adamic nature and the new nature from God which cannot sin. (I John 3:9).
2 means witness.There were two witness's in the book of Revaltion.Someone who see's and hear's first hand and can testify to the facts
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