What simple machine is in the ballpoint pen?

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None of the classic simple machines are in a ballpoint pen.

It does use the ball bearing to reduce friction. In using the pen, you normally use a lever motion, but there is no mechanical advantage.
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When was the ballpoint pen invented?

The first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued on 30 October 1888,to John J. Loud , however the idea of using a ball point within awriting instrument to applying ink to pape

How does the ballpoint pen work?

The ball point pen works in a very simple way. When held uprightthe ink moves down to the ball and rolls as it writes.

Advantages on the ballpoint pen?

Despite popular belief, a ballpoint pen can not dry out because the ball is there. Plus if your Percy Jackson your advantage with a ballpoint pen is that it's also a sword.

What does the Ballpoint pen do?

The captive ball in the end of the pen is rough(microscopically), and with the ink above it, it draws ink from the tube (capillary actions) when the dry part of the ball rotat

Is the pen a simple machine?

No. The classic simple machines are: Lever Wheel and axle Pulley Inclined plane Wedge Screw Using the pen has no mechanical advantage, other than in a ballpoin

How is a ballpoint pen a simple machine?

The ball is a roller bearing. It reduces the friction as the pen point is slid across the paper. Quill pens use a rounded nib, but the ink distribution can be uneven.

Why is the ballpoint pen easy to write with?

It has a tiny ball at its tip with ink behind it. The ball rolls easily, helped by the slippery ink, to leave ink trails on the paper. It's like a lubricated ball bearing.

Can ballpoint pen be recycled or not?

It usually says on the package if it may be recycled, but if there is nothing on being recycled, don't. Better be safe then sorry. :)

Is ballpoint pens work in space?

No, funny fact though, after a long period of research, the Soviet Union was able to develop a pen that could actually work in space. Meanwhile in the US, the astronauts used