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What simple machine is in the ballpoint pen?

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None of the classic simple machines are in a ballpoint pen.

It does use the ball bearing to reduce friction. In using the pen, you normally use a lever motion, but there is no mechanical advantage.
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How do you tell if a pen is ballpoint or ink?

A Ballpoint pen has a round ball at the tip, which is used to control the flow of ink onto the page. Almost all modern pens are ballpoint, ballpoint pens are a relatively rece

Which is better a pencil or ballpoint pen?

Pencil.. Because you can erase it in case you mess up.. Or buy an erasable pen.. They can be found at OfficeDepot or HobbyLobby..

Is the pen a simple machine?

No. The classic simple machines are: Lever Wheel and axle Pulley Inclined plane Wedge Screw Using the pen has no mechanical advantage, other than in a ballpoint

When was the ballpoint pen invented?

The first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued on 30 October 1888,  to  John J. Loud, however the idea of using a ball point within a  writing instrument to applying ink

How do you unclog ballpoint pens?

Turn on an old-fashioned electric stove (on High), and put the tip on the stove burner for 10-15 seconds (be careful not to burn yourself!!) - then scribble on a piece of pape

Who invented the biro or ballpoint pen?

The first crude ballpoint pen was patented in 1888 by John Loud, an American leather tanner. The next stage of development came almost fifty years after Loud's patent, with

Which country invented the ballpoint pen?

The first country to invent the ballpoint pen was the United  States. John Jacob Loud, an American inventor, is known for  designing the first ballpoint pen. However, it did