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What simple machine is in the ballpoint pen?

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None of the classic simple machines are in a ballpoint pen.

It does use the ball bearing to reduce friction. In using the pen, you normally use a lever motion, but there is no mechanical advantage.
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How do you tell if a pen is ballpoint or ink?

A Ballpoint pen has a round ball at the tip, which is used to control the flow of ink onto the page. Almost all modern pens are ballpoint, ballpoint pens are a relatively rece

Is the pen a simple machine?

No. The classic simple machines are: Lever Wheel and axle Pulley Inclined plane Wedge Screw Using the pen has no mechanical advantage, other than in a ballpoint

What was the ballpoint pens impact on the world?

The ballpoint pen impacts the world in a small but important way. For one, Royal Air Force pilots used it in World War II because ink flow didn't rely on gravity, and therefor

How did the ballpoint pen come to be?

1. Lazlo biro was the first person to invent the ball point pen in 1888 2. Lewis Waterson was the 2nd person to invent the pen(fountain pen) 3. John Loud was the third/las

What is the difference between a ballpoint pen and a biro?

They are both ballpoint pens. The pen introduced in the UK was manufactured by Biro and the popular one sold in the US was (and is) made by Bic. They are very similar. Some pe

What is the difference between a ballpoint and rollerball pens?

They are basically the same things, but the basic difference is the ink. In ballpoint pens the ink is oil-based paste ink that dries immediately. It is suited for all types of

How old was the inventor of the ballpoint pen?

A Hungarian named Laszlo Biro is generally credited with inventing the modern ballpoint pen.    Biro was born in 1899. He showed an early version of the pen at an inter

What is the difference between ballpoint pen and felt-tip pen?

  A Felt Tip pen has a tip that draws the ink from the pen and thru the tip onto the paper.     A ball point pen has a metal time that houses a ball. When you pres