What is an arene?

An arene is an aromatic hydrocarbon. An aromatic hydrocarbon contains one or more six carbon rings. For example: benzene C6H6
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How was arenal formed?

It was formed by a neighbouring volcano called Chato. The successive eruptions from Chato formed Arenal.

Arens is the god of?

Arens was the god of war. Ares was respected by the other gods for is skill on the battle field but was generally hated because of his attitude except by Aphrodite cheated on (MORE)

What plate is arenal on?

The volcano Arenal is on the South American plate. It is an explosive volcano, stratovolcano ,active ,a national park in Costa Rica, and has killed about 87 people. Arenal pro (MORE)

Why aren' t there fossil jellyfish?

In order to have a fossil you need a hard substance like bones. The jellyfish has no bones and nothing in it is hard enough to be fossilized. When a jellyfish dies, it dissolv (MORE)
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What does AREN do for Wiccans?

AREN helps Wiccans realize their true potential in conjuring spells. It allows Wiccans a sort of guide to different spells and such that they may utilize.