What size aux heat do you need for heat pump?

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An average 3 ton heat pump on a 1200 to 1500 sq ft home in California will typically have a 1500Watt (1.5KW) to 5000 Watt (5 KW) auxiliary heat kit installed. This is not just for emergency heat in case of compressor failure or too low of an ambient temperature to operate a heat pump efficiently, but also to temper the air going into the home while a heat pump defrosts. Since the defrost mode is the AC mode with the outside fan motor of the air going indoors will be refrigerated, this is why the heat strip wil be used to temper the air to avoid having to bring the room back up to where it was when defrost began.
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What size heat pump do you need for a 2200 sq ft house in east Tennessee?

You need 1 ton of cooling for every 400 square feet. This means 5 1/2 tons, but you would be best off with a 5 ton unit. a slightly undersized unit will run for longer periods of time compared to the 5 1/2 ton unit, but it will be a more efficient system. The less starts and stops will also reduce (MORE)

What size heat pump system is needed for an 1100 square foot home?

Answer . I just did extensive research before having a new heat pump put on my house. consumer reports and various books at the library said square footage is not the best or the most acccurate way to figure sizing the unit. there is a manual J that a.c.companys should use and also computer soft (MORE)

What size heat pump is needed for a 1600 square foot duplex?

Contrary to popular belief, the required BTU output, or "tonnage", cannot be calculated based on square footage. Many factors go into determining the required BTU output to compensate for your home's heat loss/gain. A properly trained HVAC technician has the ability to calculate the required heat lo (MORE)

What size breaker do you need for a 3 Ton heat pump?

My 3 ton geo unit uses a 30 amp breaker. That is probably more than adequate because it also is for the vertical loop pumps in the ground. The back-up heat strips however, use a 60 amp breaker (on my system.) I'm not sure but I would say yours probably needs that too. Good luck!

How do you size heat pump for in ground pool?

Decide how warm you want your pool water to be. Most people prefer a temperature in the high 70s or low 80s (Fahrenheit), but your individual taste may vary. . Step 2. Determine the average temperature during the coldest month you wish to use the pool. You can usually do a quick estimation based o (MORE)

Does heat pumps need Freon to blow heat out?

Yes, the heat pump (in the heating mode) is like an air conditioner in reverse. It cools the outside air and heats the room air. Of course, you need Freon to do this heat-transfer process.

What size heat pump is needed for a 180 square meter house?

You need to first work out your heat load for the house which depends on lots of factors. (Insulation, exposure, window area etc.). Since most heat pumps give an efficiency ratio of no more than 4 to 1. This means for every kilowatt of electricity you burn driving the pump you will get 4 kilowatts o (MORE)

What size heat pump to heat 18000 gallon pool?

The size of the heat pump is not the true question in this case. Most, if not all produce enough btu to heat a pool that size. The true question on a heatpump is how long. The larger the btu rating of the heatpump... the faster the pool water will reach desired temp. Heatpumps should only be used (MORE)