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An average 3 ton heat pump on a 1200 to 1500 sq ft home in California will typically have a 1500Watt (1.5KW) to 5000 Watt (5 KW) auxiliary heat kit installed. This is not just for emergency heat in case of compressor failure or too low of an ambient temperature to operate a heat pump efficiently, but also to temper the air going into the home while a heat pump defrosts. Since the defrost mode is the AC mode with the outside fan motor of the air going indoors will be refrigerated, this is why the heat strip wil be used to temper the air to avoid having to bring the room back up to where it was when defrost began.
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How do you size wire for a 20kw aug heater for a heat pump?

Answer . Using the formula: Amps = Watts/Volts look up the wire size needed in the national electric code book for the amperage of the device. This formula only works for single phase current. If you are using 3 phase, look in the book. In general, 15 Amps or less: 14 Ga Copper wire. 20 Amps or less 12 Ga. 30 Amps or less 10 Ga. Anything more than 30 amps, look it up in the book.

What size heat pump do you need for 2632 suare foot single story home with a 700 square foot room in the basement in northeastern Pennsylvania?

Answer . This question depends on alot of things. You should find a reliable HVAC company to run a manual j (sizing of hvac equipment) load calculation on your home. there are so many things that take part in sizing an a/c unit that if not done propperly than you could serious problems.

What size heat pump do you need for a 2200 sq ft house in east Tennessee?

You need 1 ton of cooling for every 400 square feet. This means 5 1/2 tons, but you would be best off with a 5 ton unit. a slightly undersized unit will run for longer periods of time compared to the 5 1/2 ton unit, but it will be a more efficient system. The less starts and stops will also reduce the wear and tear on your compressor, which will result in a longer compressor lifespan.

What size heat pump system is needed for an 1100 square foot home?

Answer . I just did extensive research before having a new heat pump put on my house. consumer reports and various books at the library said square footage is not the best or the most acccurate way to figure sizing the unit. there is a manual J that a.c.companys should use and also computer software one can purchase online to size it yourself. everything i read stressed that most a/c companys install units larger than needed and indeed all the companys that gave me estimates simply asked my square footage and took my word about it and then told me the tonnage i needed based on my numbers and eyeballing the existing unit. they all came up with a minimum size of 4 and up to a five ton unit! my research told me that the max size i really needed was 2.5 to 3 tons. long story short my house is 1200 sq ft minimum and i bought a 3 ton unit with a seer rating of 13[ the higher the seer rating the more efficient, but with the higher rating is more complicated repairs more often according to consumer reports]. my old unit was plenty big enough for my house and when they put the 3 ton on it dwarfed my old unit. point being that even at 3 tons i probably bought bigger than needed. back to your question. buy no bigger than 3 ton and a 2 1/2 ton will probably do. get one with a seer factor of 13 no more no less. buy a good brand such as my lennox and lastly dont let them bullcrap you into anything bigger or extended warrantys. get the longest warrantees and estimates from at least 4 to 5 companys.and then make them give you their best price and dont be afraid to play one against another. my original estimate started at almost 7 grand and the one i chose was 5 grand even and came with with a programmable thermostat. dont pay more than 5 grand & shoot for less. dont budge when they try to steer you and they will try!!! let me know how you come out!

Can you heat a spa with an electric heat pump?

Is this heat pump approved by your local codes or that of NSPF for use in or around swimming pools? I think not. Not a good idea to mix water and electricity. . Yes you could, if you live in a very hot climate... heat pumps would only be able to heat water to spa temperature if the weather was very hot all the time. It works the reverse of an air conditioner, but relys on outside air to convert cold to hot water.

What size breaker do i need for a central heat and air unit?

Answer . Size the breaker at no less than 125% of your expected load. Make sure the voltage is correct, as well.

Do you need a license to buy a heat pump?

I do not know of any jurisdiction in which a license would berequired for a heat pump.

Which is better Electric heat or heat pump?

Heat pump - lots more efficient and dramatically cheaper to operate. Heat pump is definitely better as it not only saves electricity bills but is also easy to maintain and install.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a heating system that applies the principle of refrigeraation to heating homes. These principles are: 1. when a gas is quickly compressed, it's temperature rises; 2. when a gas is allowed to expand suddenly it's temperature fallls; 3. when a liquid evaporates, it absorbs heat; and 4. when a gas condenses it releases heat.

Does your heat pump need freon to heat your house?

Yes a heat pump reverses the function of an air conditioner. Like any refrigerant system if a Technician says "it needs Freon", make sure the leak is repaired first.

What size heat pump for a 18x33x4.5 deep above ground pool?

The size of a heat pump that you can use for a pool which is 18feet wide by 33 feet long and has a depth of 4.5 feet can varydepending on specific brand of heat pump you wish to purchase. Theminimum size of heat pump for an above ground pool of this size in102,000 BTU.

For a 1100 sq ft house what size heat pump do you need?

There are various factors which go into determining what size heatpump you need for a space. As a rule however, am 1100 sq ft housetypically requires around a 3 ton unit.

What size heat pump should be used in south west Virginia for heating approx 2200 sq ft?

The largest household unit is 5 tons, which I install in California for your square footage. Depending on your construction two units splitting the load may be warranted. If you are building a new home it is better to overkill with insulation than spending extra energy money to heat a shell.

What size heat pump is needed for a 1600 square foot duplex?

Contrary to popular belief, the required BTU output, or "tonnage", cannot be calculated based on square footage. Many factors go into determining the required BTU output to compensate for your home's heat loss/gain. A properly trained HVAC technician has the ability to calculate the required heat load for your home based on where you live, the materials your home is built with, the "r" value of your insulation, window type/size/quality/quantity, and even which direction each exterior wall faces. Many "old school" technicians say 500sqft per ton, but with today's strict building codes and better insulation, this rule of thumb no longer applies. In most cases, the old rule will cause you to oversize your system, resulting in big problems down the road, i.e., high humidity, mold, mildew, etc.

How can Geothermal heat pumps heat a home?

While temperatures above ground change a lot from day to day and season to season, temperatures in the upper 10 feet of the Earth's surface hold nearly constant between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. For most areas, this means that soil temperatures are usually warmer than the air in winter and cooler than the air in summer. Geothermal heat pumps use the Earth's constant temperatures to heat and cool buildings. They transfer heat from the ground (or water) into buildings in winter and reverse the process in the summer.

Heat pump vs non heat pump?

A HEAT PUMP, AIR TO AIR OR GEO-THERMAL, WILL OUT PERFORM (ENERGY USE), A CONVENTIONAL SYSTEM FROM 3:1 UP TO 7:1. SIMPLE MATH= FROM $300 TO $700 A MONTH (ENERGY BILL) WILL NOW COST $100. lc Heat pumps are definitely more efficient as they make use of lesser energy to perform well. More importantly it makes use of existing energy out there.

What size heat pump to heat 1200 sq ft home?

2 ton unit or smaller. if it's a modern home (modern insulation standards) and you are not an old person who likes is 76F all the time, a 2 ton would be plenty IMO.

Why do you need heat?

we use heat for example a oven because it has to have the right amount of heat engery in order to cook the food properly. also we need heat from the sun because without the sun we will all die and plants will not live because the sun will not be producing enought light engery to keep the planet save meaning all consumers (animals ) that eat plants will die because they don't have food to stay alive and also it affects the predators because they can't eat the consumers meaning no food for them aswell. so all animal life will be exstincted. how about human being, some of us don't eat meat, some of us could be vegatians and not eat meat so we need the sun inorder to stay alive We need heat for mainy electrony things because we need to set the temperature in order to heat things up like for example oven, ketal for liquard, thermometer to measure heat and also a marcher to heat things for cooking

What are pros and cons of heat pump versus non heat pump for home heating?

I don't know of to many cons about owning a heat pump.. Pro's:. lower heating bills. acts as an air conditioner in the summer. Below 30*F outdoor temp they are worthless.

What is heat pump?

A Heat pump is a air conditioning/heating system that utilizes a reversing valve in the refrigerant circut that reverses the flow, and brings the heat in side the home from outdoors

What size and type of heat pump is needed for 350 square foot house?

buy a window, thru the wall, or portable unit. you can size it wherever you buy it. they will have a chart of some sort to size it for you.

Geothermal heat pumps can heat homes by?

By using the ground as the source for heat, much like an airsource heat pump uses air to remove the heat from the air on a cold day a geothermal system using the more consistent earth as the source for pulling heat out of the ground to heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. The earths more consistent temperatures allow the system to work better than an air source system and in general the Geothermal system is more effiencent than any other type of heating used in homes.

How Does Heating From A Heat Pump Work?

The heart of the heat pump is the Copeland scroll compressor. The compressor continuously pumps the ozone safe refrigerant from the outside coils to the inside coils. The refrigerant carries the heat with it to be released inside the house. Then the warm air is circulated throughout the home by the furnace fan. In the summer the flow of the refrigerant reverses and the house is cooled in the same way. The scroll compressors are extremely reliable and virtually trouble free. Copeland is the largest manufacturer of heat pump compressors in the United States. Our Goodman heat pumps are built to last with reliable Copeland scroll compressors. Scroll compressors are very durable because they have fewer parts than the older reciprocating compressors and are also simpler in construction. Instead of pistons and valves which the older compressors had, the scroll compressor has a scroll that orbits to compress the refrigerant.

What size heat pump is needed for 1700 sq ft single floor?

A 4 ton heat pump should be fine, depends on how well your house is insulated. If the house is well insulated you might be fine with a smaller unit.

Do you need a heat pump system in Florida?

No you don't but it is more efficient in Florida cause of the heating you would only use it like 3 to 4 months out of the year..

What does the compressor on a heat pump do in heat mode?

The exact same thing it does in the cooling mode, the change between modes of operation does not take place in the compressor.

What size house can a carrier heat pump model 25hpa work with?

Fist you will need to have a manual J load calculation performed on your home to properly size the equipment . Then a reputable technician can tell you if the unit is correct for your application . Tom H. HVAC professional , New Orleans

What size house can a heat pump with a 3.5 ton compress heat and cool?

You should have an HVAC company perform a Manual J load calculation done on your home. for the best sizing . The old way here in the south USA dictates 3.5 tons cooling served most homes from 1500-1700 sq ft. depending on variables. BE CERTAIN get the Manual J calc. for best results. Tom H. ,HVAC professional, New Orleans.

What size breaker do you need for a 3 Ton heat pump?

My 3 ton geo unit uses a 30 amp breaker. That is probably more than adequate because it also is for the vertical loop pumps in the ground. The back-up heat strips however, use a 60 amp breaker (on my system.) I'm not sure but I would say yours probably needs that too. Good luck!

What size heat pump do you need to heat a 1300 square foot home?

A commonly used formula is 600-650 square feet per ton. So it wouldbe recommended to use a 2-ton heat pump for a 1300 square foothome. However, other variables are often considered, too, such asthe age of the house.

Is a Goodman heat pump reliable?

If installed properly by a competent contractor they are likely no better or worse than any other brand unless you buy a low end builders grade model. Like anything else you get what you pay for.

What is the life expectancy of a heat pump?

It depends on how much your heat pump is used, checked, serviced, and how well it is maintained. ( Always have your HVAC systems regularly maintained to increase life expectancy !) The usage of a heat pump varies greatly depending on where you live. Other factors can include if it is an air-source or ground-source. So, a very general ball park life expectancy of a heat pump is anywhere from 15-25 years for the inside components.

What size heat pump for 2800 sq ft?

In a Cold Climate and Hot Climate : Each ton of heat pump capacity can heat/cool approximately 500-600 square feet. In a Moderate Climate : Each ton of heat pump capacity can heat/cool 600-700 square feet. So either a 5.0 ton heat pump in a cold climate or a 4.5 ton heat pump in a moderate climate.

Why does a heat pump need an external source of energy to heat a house?

Heat pumps use a compressor to make the working fluid condense at ahigher temperature.The compressor needs input energy.

What is a heat pump unit?

A heat pump is one part, of a two part heating and cooling system and can be used as the primary heating unit in mild winter locations. They can also be used to supplement other heating systems where the temperatures are sub-freezing for longer time periods. Heat pumps also are used in summer for cooling. Basically, the way the system works in cooling mode is the same as most any other AC system. When winter comes it essentially runs the system in reverse to produce heat instead of cooling. The advantage is that it is very cheap to run. The biggest two disadvantages are the compressor has to run during both seasons, causing wear... and ... after you get to about 26 degrees F., the heat pump needs auxiliary heat (gas or electric coil) to warm your house. For most warmer climates they are the best choice. Speak with an HVAC professional to determine your region's best heating option.

How much energy is needed for a heat pump defrost cycle?

About 10% during the outdoor temperature from about 40 degrees to 20 degrees. Not a lot beyond those temperatures that make frost on the outdoor coil...assuming you have a unit with a good electronic defrost control.

How do you size heat pump for in ground pool?

Decide how warm you want your pool water to be. Most people prefer a temperature in the high 70s or low 80s (Fahrenheit), but your individual taste may vary. . Step 2. Determine the average temperature during the coldest month you wish to use the pool. You can usually do a quick estimation based on your own experiences, but if you want formal numbers, check the National Weather Service for average temperatures in your area. . Step 3. Subtract the ideal temperature of the pool water from the average outside monthly temperature. The result is the number of degrees Fahrenheit your heater will need to warm the pool in order to make it comfortable. . Step 4. Calculate the surface area of your pool. If you have a rectangular pool, this is easy: simply multiply the pool's length by its width. If your pool has a more unusual shape, apply the formula provided at PoolBright.com (see Resources, below). . Step 5. Multiply the surface area from Step 4 by the required elevation in pool temperature from Step 3. Then multiply the results by 11. That figure is the number of British Thermal Units per hour (btu/hr.) your heater will need to produce in order to adequately heat your pool.

Does heat pumps need Freon to blow heat out?

Yes, the heat pump (in the heating mode) is like an air conditioner in reverse. It cools the outside air and heats the room air. Of course, you need Freon to do this heat-transfer process.

What size heated do you need for a 10000 gallon swimming pool?

You can put a 175,000 to 400,000 BTU heater in depending if you are wanting to heat quickly or to sustain the temperature. Any size will maintain a temperature. Or you can go with a heat pump if you are planning to operate all the time.

What ton heat pump will a 1900 sq ft home need?

That could have many different variables such as ceiling hights heat loss to windows . But under normal conditions a two tone unit should be sufficent.

How does a heat pump use freon to heat?

A valve is used to reverse the flow of freon. In the heat mode, the high or hot side gas is pumped to the indoor unit, The low or cold side is pumped to the outdoor unit. The valve is reversed for the cool mode. Pumping cool gas to the indoor unit and hot gas to the outdoor unit.

How does the Heat pump produsce heat in the winter?

Unlike traditional heating systems like furnaces or boilers that burn fuel, heat pumps don't actually PRODUCE heat - instead, they use a special type of refrigerant to move heat from the outside to the inside. You can think of it like an air conditioner in reverse: With an air conditioner, the refrigerant moves from the compressor, where it is compressed into a hot liquid. The liquid releases its heat outside, aided by the fans on the compressor. Now cooled, it moves into the evaporator, where is absorbs heat around it and turns back into a gas. The evaporator coil gets extremely cold, and when air blows over it and into your house, the air is cooled. A heat pump works the exact same way, but opposite - they pull heat from the outside air and blow it into your home. Heat pumps are effective even when it FEELS cold outside - in fact, many can pull heat from the air even when the temperature is lower than 30 o F!

What size heat pump is needed for a 180 square meter house?

You need to first work out your heat load for the house which depends on lots of factors. (Insulation, exposure, window area etc.). Since most heat pumps give an efficiency ratio of no more than 4 to 1. This means for every kilowatt of electricity you burn driving the pump you will get 4 kilowatts of heat. So if you think you can heat your house with 12 kilowatts of electric fires then you heat it with a 4 or 5 kilowatt heat pump. The trick with heat pumps is to find a good source of low grade heat that is still there in the winter. Ground coils, bore holes , streams, even pools, are all better than air to air systems because when you need most heat the air outside is coldest.

Why is there an electric heating coil in a heat pump?

Heat pumps don't work well when the temperature outside drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The way a heat pump works is by absorbing heat from outside and moving inside using the refrigerant. Much like an air conditioner absorbs the heat from inside of your home and moves it out. Therefore the colder it is outside the less heat a heat pump can produce. The reason they install electric heat strips is to ensure that when the temperature outside gets below 40 you will still have enough heat available to heat the property.

What size heat pump to heat 18000 gallon pool?

The size of the heat pump is not the true question in this case. Most, if not all produce enough btu to heat a pool that size. The true question on a heatpump is how long. The larger the btu rating of the heatpump... the faster the pool water will reach desired temp. Heatpumps should only be used to maintain heat in a pool. The most inefficient way to use a heatpump is to try and raise the pool temp a large temperature differintial at any given time. This type of "on demand" heat will create a scenario where the heatpump runs continuous at its highest capacity until desired temp is obtained, and the highest setting of "heat" on a heatpump is its most inefficient usage of energy. This type of energy usage is only an acceptable practice early in the spring when attempting to raise the pool temp for the first time that anual season. The recommended use for a heatpump is to set the swim temp and allow the heat pump to maintain the temp to extend the swim-ability of the pool one to two months early in the spring and late in the fall. Maintaining the pool temp is a much more efficient use of energy than trying to use a heatpump to create "on demand" heat.

How heat pump used to heat the building?

Imagine a window AC unit installed backwards, rejecting heat indoors while air conditioning the world, this is a heat pumps heat mode. As the unit is air conditioning in the cool outdoors eventually the outdoor coil will ice up requiring a defrost cycle, defrost is the AC mode except the outdoor fans off to assist with the defrosting. A defrost cycle is time and temperature initiated, time or temperature terminated.

What size Teck cable is required for a mini split heat pump that is 15 amps?

Two conductor and three conductor #12 Teck cables are rated at 20 amps. This size is one over from the 15 amp rated wire. This is because on motor loads the conductor size has to be 125% of the motors full load amps. Since all that was stated is 15 amps it is better to err on the larger size wire.

When you install a 13 SEER heat pump for central air do you need a new motor?

No not necessarily the seer is assigned by manufacture at factory according to the build process not what you do to it after

Need info on 13 seer split heat pump?

I have a4 ton air handler and a three and a half ton condenser 13seer goodman heat pump will my seer change

What size of wire do you need for 5 kw heat strip?

A 5kw or 5,000 watt heat strip will use 20.8 amps if wired to a 240volt circuit. This would require a dedicated circuit using AWG # 10wire on a 30 amp breaker.