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What sizes of virgin girl vagina?

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The muscle is tight but that is on all women. That is why she has to be aroused and maybe given an orgasm before you enter. The size of the vagina inside is like on other women, 4-6 inches deep.
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How do girls react after loss of virginity?

This is a completely subjective question and unanswerable since every girl can potentially have a different reaction.
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Do girls bleed when they lose their virginity?

No, not all girls bleed when they lose their virginity. It happens for some though, and is perceived as a normal outcome because of her hymen being torn.

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How can doctor identified that girl is not virgin?

Since the hymen can break quite easily many women don't have it when it's their first time and the doctor can never tell why it is gone. So the doctor can not tell.
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How you know a girl is virgin or not from outside?

There is no way to tell this. Outside a girl does not physically change when she looses her virginity. The only way to know is to ask her or to take her to a doctor.
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Who the virgin mobile girl?

you should give more details theres tons of virgin mobile commercials, but i assume you're talking about "Katherine Camille Boecher"?

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How do you get over a girl you lost your virginity to?

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