If you sit in a bathtub of vinegar will it tighten your vagina to the size of that of a virgin?

"Your vagina actually doesn't change shape or size due to having sex. Women who are sexually active don't have "looser" vaginas than virgins. So there is no way to "tighten"

Does the tightness of a vagina show the virginity of a girl?

No, not necessarily. Just like men have different sizes of their penises, women have different sizes to their vagina, so while some may be naturally tighter than others even t

How do you open a virgin girls vagina?

There is a common misconception that the Hymen (described as a membrane across the entrance to the vagina) is a complete membrane with no opening. This is only rarely true and

Can a girl still be a virgin and have a loose vagina?

It's not possible to have a loose vagina - the vagina is a muscular  tube so cannot loosen, the idea of the 'loose vagina' comes from  old-fashioned sexist ideas about femal

Will the girl lose her virginity by touching her vagina?

NO!!!    There are 10 million of these exact same questions. Losing your virginity is all up to what your definition is, but unless sexual intercourse, meaning some form

Do girls have different size vaginas?

The size and shape and also colour of any part of body depends upon the genetic information present in DNA of individual and so also the genital structures as either vagina of

What is the size of a non-virgin vagina?

Vagina's don't change size just because someone isn't a virgin. They can be "tight" or "loose" depending on natural shape or having sex with big penises, but the vagina stays