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What some key contributions that Richard Dawkins made in the field of evolutionary biology?

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Some key contributions made to the field of evolutionary biology by Richard Dawkins include the popularization of the gene-centered theory of evolution and the term meme. He has written many books on the subject.
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As a Christian I feel sadness and pity for Richard Dawkins and  those who follow his views which are not well informed,  particularly when he speaks about the Christian fait

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When was Richard Dawkins born?

Richard Dawkins was born on March 26, 1941.

What are Richard Dawkins beliefs?

Richard Dawkins is an atheist, therefore he believes that there are no gods in existence. This means he also believes that there is no life after death. I also know that Mr. D

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Professor C. Richard Dawkins was born in East Africa, March 26 1941. He is fascinated by the world, the Universe and life and life's diversity and evolution and is a fierce de
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