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What sport did they play in the 80's?

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Many of the sports that were played in the 80's are still played today. Some examples consist of football, tennis, cricket, running, cycling, triathlons, swimming, basketball, soccer, and an all-american favorite- baseball.
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What sports were played in the 1740's?

There weren't many sports mentioned in the 1740s era. One sport  that may have been mentioned would be cricket, which is a game  similar to baseball but the balls remain on

What sports were played in the late 1800's?

Some sports played in the late 1800s were tennis, baseball (which was invented in the 1800s), badminton, croquet, and rugby. These are only some of the sports played. People

What sports were played in the 70's?

Basically, most of the same ones as today, except for the EXTREME ones and snowboarding and skateboarding. Some sports that were played. Baseball was a huge favorite American