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How many states require motorcycle riders to wear helmets?

According to AP writer, Jennifer C. Yates in the Hanover, PA Evening Sun, "Twenty states have laws requiring all motorcycle riders to wear helmets, while 27 states have laws that require minors or passengers to wear head protection. Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire have no helmet laws."

A justification for a law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets most likely be based upon?

Helmets help prevent brain damage in case of an accident. Do you know what medical personnel call motorcycle riders without helmets? Organ donors. Added: The most quoted reason is the cost to society of rescuing, treating, caring for, and rehabilitating riders gravely injured in motorcycle ac (MORE)

What age is required to wear helmets?

all ages are required to wear a motorcycle helmet, unless you live in a state where there are no helmet requirement... but there are not too many states that don't have a helmet requirement

A justification for a Law requiring motorcyclist to wear helmets?

In my experience the best argument for a helmet law is that a motorcyclist involved in a collision without a helmet will sustain larger injuries. Therefore their medical care will be more expensive. Those expenses will be covered largely by raising insurance premiums or by taxes by way of medicare/m (MORE)

In the NFL are players only required to wear helmet and shoulder pads?

Yes, I play football at the Pro level and there are many skilled position players as well as special teams players that only wear shoulder pads and helmets.. In practice we sometimes only wear shoulder pads and helmets we call it pro-pads we also wear this during training camp a lot and when we are (MORE)

Do you have to wear a helmet?

Laws requiring all motorcyclists to wear a helmet are in place in 19 states and the District of Columbia . Laws requiring only some motorcyclists to wear a helmet are in place in 28 states . There is no motorcycle helmet use law in 3 states (Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire) . Some bicyclists ar (MORE)

Does Florida require motorcycle helmets?

No, you are not required to wear a motorcycle helmet in the state of Florida as long as you are 21 years of age and have at least $10,000 in medical insurance coverage.

Which law require all motorcycle riders wear helmets?

The mandatory use of motorcycle helmets is far from universal. In jurisdictions where it IS mandatory, it is a state or provincial law that requires the use. For example, in the Province of Ontario, Canada (where I live), the Highway Traffic Act stipulates that both driver and passenger must w (MORE)

What is the NFPA requirement for wearing your helmet while riding on fire apparatus?

As of the 2009 edition of NFPA 1901 helmets are not required for use while riding in fire apparatus. Riding UPON fire apparatus has been a violation of the standards for many years, other than during parades or upon specialized equipment designed for operation with exterior personnel (e.g., a movi (MORE)

Does speed skating require a helmet?

Sort of... Every where in the world, while short track speed skating you need to wear a helmet. Where as Olympic style Long track, doesn't usually mass start long track doesn't either, unless your in quebec, where you do need one.

In which sports are you required to wear cleats?

Pretty much any outdoor field sport requires cleats (there are different types for each sport, I think). This includes soccer, football, field hockey, boys and girls lacrosse, softball, baseball, and rugby (there are probably more I can't think of).

A law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets most likely be based upon?

A law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets most likely is based on the fact that severe damage to the brain frequently causes paralysis, loss of mental ability, both, or death. If you have ever seen Muhammad Ali on TV, you have seen an old boxer who suffered many blows to his head. He is a shell (MORE)

Justification of a law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets?

"Pennsylvania motorcyclists suffered large increases in head injury deaths and hospitalizations in the two years following the repeal of its motorcycle helmet law, according to a University of Pittsburgh study to be published in the August issue of the American Journal of Public Health , available (MORE)

Name a sport where you wear helmets?

Rugby union, rugby league, cycling, soccer and AFL (aussie rules) if head injuries ae present, Ice hockey, and NFL Feud: Football Hockey Baseball Biking Car Racing Motocross

Do you have to wear a helmet with a scooter?

Depending on country you are taling about, in countires like australia and Britian when you are using a veichle on the road with our motor viechles you have to wear a helmet because you are not allowed to ride on the footpaths. It also depends on what type of scooter your have, as in engine size and (MORE)

What kind of helmets did the vikings wear?

Actual Viking helmets did not have animal horns, as depicted beginning in 19th century Swedish mythic art. These types of horns are found on helmets used in Teutonic rituals. The helmets were mostly hard leather with metal reinforcement, and hammered iron helmets for the chieftains. Some samples of (MORE)

Why are NHL players required to wear helmets?

NHL Players are required to wear Helmets for two reasons. One is if the fall, of corse. And two is because of the Hitting. One thing though is that the NHL Goaltenders do NOT need to wear a helmet. As the "NHL Rules" only said that "Goaltenders are highly suggested to wear a sort of protective helme (MORE)

Are motorcyclists in California required to wear helmets?

Yes, mc riders in the entire state of Ca. are required to wear DOT approved helmets although enforcement of the DOT requirement is virtually non-existent. Many riders including myself use what are commonly known as "novelty" helmets.

Are rugby players required to wear helmets?

The only head gear allowed is either a scum cap, which is made of a soft sponge like material or a head band normally made of adhesive bandage. The IRB do not allow hard helmets as in some other sports. There is NO regulation making the wearing of scrum caps obligatory

How do you have to be to wear helmets?

Wearing helmets is the best thing to do when riding a motorcycle. One important reason why wearing a helmet is a must. The first reason is for protection. Helmets is a part of a motorcycle gear that riders should not neglect to wear.

Does Florida require a motorcycle helmet?

You are not required by law to wear a crash helmet in Florida however i would highly recommend that you do!Florida does not require a helmet while driving a motorcycle.http://www.edgarsnyder.com/auto-accident/motorcycle-accident/helmetlaws/florida.html

Why are bicycle helmets required?

to protect your head from injury if you fall off. They only rarely are. But for what they cost and how easy they are to wear, they offer great protection against head injury if you should fall.

Why are not motorcyclist required to wear helmets to protect brains?

In some states and countries they are required. In others they are not. Personally I think they should be required to wear full face helmets simply because you can't breathe or see when you are riding at 70 mph through a dust storm and you become a safety hazard, but that is just me. The bottom l (MORE)

Does a helmet wear out?

A helmet can become worn or damaged. Do not wear a helmet that has been in an accident, it might be cracked and not protect another time!

Are helmets required with a motorbike?

It depends on the particular state in which the motorbike is driven. In some states, there are no helmet laws for motorbikes, while other states do require helmets and will fine motorists for not complying with this requirement.

Why are motorcycle riders required to wear helmets?

Because it's the law in case of a crash. Helmets protect the head which encases the brain which is vital to the whole entire body because it controls everything. Head injuries are potential problems to all bodily systems Head injuries are often fatal. Use of helmets reduces risk offatality and perma (MORE)

What year were helmets required in NHL?

Helmets became mandatory in the NHL in August of 1979. The onlyplayers exempt from the rule were those who signed a professionalcontract prior to June 1, 1979, and also signed a waiver allowingthem to play without a helmet. The death of Minnesota North Starsplayer Bill Masterton in due to a head inj (MORE)

Why do you have to wear a helmet when you play a sport?

This is to prevent a serious head injury. Concussions, brain damageand even death can occur if the injury is severe. Wearing a helmetis mandatory in such sports as American football, ice hockey,baseball and auto racing.