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What sports wears the most padding?

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My guess would be Ice Hockey. Given that American football players wear shoulder and leg pads as well as a helmet; ice hockey players are required to wear a helmet, shoulder pads, padded pants, elbow pads, and shin/knee pads. Don't forget the padded skates, gloves, and mouthguards!
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What is better for sports pads or tampons?

It's personal preference.  Some women prefer using pads, although commercial pads like Always or Kotex may be uncomfortable as they're rough and don't allow air flow so can b

Why rugby players wear pads?

There are only shoulder pads, shin pads and scrum caps allowed. The main shoulder pads are ther to protect a main bones in the should from damage when tackling. For the front

When should girls wear pads?

Anytime during her monthly period, she also has an option of tampons. Pads should be used for when a girl has just started and can wear tampons as she feels comfortable.

What pads do lacrosse goalies wear?

Goalies are required to wear a helmet, throat guard, mouthpiece, chest protector, gloves, athletic cup, and cleats, optional equipment includes shin guards and padded goalie p

Can you wear a pad while swimming?

I do. I'm scared of tampons; terrified! I just wear bikini bottoms with a pad inside, with board shorts over. The period stops from water pressure, so no need to worry.

How old do you have to wear padded bras?

Well of course there isn't an age limit. It's just some girls may want a little shape or to look bigger but for me I'm 11 and I like to wear padded bras (but not to bed I've r

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You can not get an infection if you change your pads often. Just, be sure when you have a heavy period change often as 1 hour, if your period is light you can change every hou

Can a guy wear a maxi pad?

I'm a guy and I wear maxi pads every day at home and work because after I pee I dribble and who wants pee in their pants and down their leg? So yes, it is okay if you have a r

Should a 10 year old wear a sports bra or a padded bra?

t honestly depends on how developed she is, get her a little cheap bra with no underwiving or padding and take her to the nerest lingerie shop who will fit her and give you go