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Where is North Korea?

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (sometimes abbreviated toDPRK) is an Asian democracy (although, in reality it is adictatorship). The name of the country in Korean is

What is North Korea?

North Korea is a sovereign country that shares the Korean peninsulawith South Korea and is located south of China and west of Japan.It is known for its Dynastic Communist Regi

Is North Korea a country in Korea?

Korean Peninsula and Manchuria ( Kando Region) were all part of Korean Territory. Before 60 years ago Korean Peninsula were one nation. After Korean War have left North /Sou

How do you get into North Korea?

I believe you can. I think they said that some tourists can cross the border. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is North Korea best Korea?

In my opinion, I disagree. No offence to them, but their activity is very old fashioned. So that's why I think SOUTH KOREA is better i agree.you'd never find American's

Why is there a South Korea and North Korea?

Answer 1 The history of North Korea formally begins with the establishmentof the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in 1948. In the aftermath of the Japanese occup

Is Korea DPR North Korea?

Yes, DPR is short for Korea (Democratic People's Republic). It is used during sporting events when the two Korean nations participate in the same event.

Where about is North Korea?

North Korea is an Asian country located north of south Korea, east of china, west of japan, and south of russia.

What did North Korea do to South Korea?

North Korea attacked South Korea in the Korean war and Korea has been separated in 2 countries from then! North Korea is a Communist, and South Korea is a anti-communist like
In North Korea

What can you do in North Korea?

For many places in the world, there are travel programs in special tourist areas in North Korea. Otherwise, if not a North Korean citizen, not much.