What state in the US has the most oil in it?

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Alaska produces the most oil by a very wide margin of any other state. Ever twice as much as Texas which is second. ND is 9th. There are proven reserves and projected reserves. Alaska has the most proven reserves. The state with the most projected reserves is debatable as it cannot be proven.
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What state produces the most oil?

Among US states, Texas and Alaska produce the most crude oil. Texasled for most of this century but according to some figures, Alaskamay have produced more oil annually at som

Who gives the US the most oil?

Contrary to what most people believe the middle east does notsupply the majority of Americas oil. The largest supplier of theUnited States oil is actually Canada

What US states produce oil?

There are several US states that produce oil with Texas beingranked as the top producer. Some of the other states includeAlaska, Oklahoma and California among others.

What country uses oil the most?

America is the biggest oil consumer country of the world and Saudia Arabia is the largest oil producing country of the world. Russia is the largest oil producing country, it

How is most of your crude oil used?

Crude oil is distilled to produce petrol (gas in the USA) anddiesel for motor vehicles, aviation fuel for aeroplanes, and so on.There is also a very long list of goods and com