What state is Siena in?

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It's in the region of Tuscany (There are no states in Italy).

Where is Siena University located?

University of Siena is located at Italy. (University of Siena , Via Banchi di Sotto 55,53100 Siena ITALY Tel. +39 0577 232111| E-mail: info@unisi.it)

Where is Siena?

In the province of Tuscany, southeast of Florence and northwest of Rome.

Why was Galileo sent to exile in Siena?

Because he asked to go there.. After Galileo put forth the idea that the earth revolved around the sun, there was a strong reaction from the Church. Up until the time of Gali

Where is the siena piano?

I am also very interested to know where the Siena Piano is. Did you manage to find out? I own the Siena Piano's sister: the Grand Carmicord, built by Avner Carmi.

Is Toyota siena recalled?

These are the models that are being recalled in the current program. 2005-2010 Avalon 2007-2010 Camry 2009-2010 Corolla 2008-2010 Highlander 2009-2010 Matrix 2004-20
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What was Saint Catherine of Siena known for?

Catholic Answer St. Catherine of Siena was a Dominican tertiary who lived in the 14th century. She was a mystic and was recently declared a doctor of the Church. She died at

Was Siena excommunicated?

yes twice! Both in the 8C AD and 14C AD following local riots attributed by the Church as un-Catholic. Siena has since been accepted by into the Chuch and under the guidanc
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Who founded Siena?

Remus's sons, Senius and Aschius.