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The District of Columbia is a special case. It is not an actual state, and hence does not have senators or congressional representation. It is located between Virginia and Maryland on the Potomac River.

It is on the Potomac River between Virginia and Maryland and coextensive with the District of Columbia. (Dictionary)

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Is Washington DC a state?

No, Washington DC is a Federal District. DC stands for the Districtof Columbia.

Why isnt Washington DC a state?

because the government feels it should belong to all states and not one of it's own

Why isn't Washington DC a state?

Washington was originally a separate muninipality with in the territory or Columbia until an act of congress in 1871 effectively merged the city and the territory into a sing

Why is Washington DC not a state?

becuas it is federal territory and can not be a state according to congress Added: When the District of Columbia was first established as the seat of the federal government

Is Washington DC in Washington state?

No. Washington state is in the Pacific northwest, on the west coast of the US, while Washington DC is located on the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia (near the ea

Is Washington DC its own state?

The District of Columbia (DC) is a separate Federal area not included in any state. However, it is not a state and is essentially one large city, with a mayor and city council

IS DC in washington a state or city?

The District of Columbia, which is now coterminous with the city ofWashington, is a federal district, not a state.

What is Washington DC state nickname?

No state nickname, more like district nickname. It's nicknames include the everyday used "D.C." or "The District". Other nicknames include: Chocolate City (although this can n

What state is Washington DC in -?

Washington DC is one of three areas in the established world thatare not a state of any country; it is the Political one. There isone in London, the Economic, and the last in

Why is Washington DC not located in a state?

Washington DC is technically its own state. It is in the Districtof Columbia, which is actually what the DC stands for. But outsideof the district of Columbia, Washington DC i