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What state leads the nation in production of beef cattle?

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Number Head (in millions) % of U.S.

1. Texas ----------13.8------- 14.3%
2. Kansas ---------6.7 --------6.9
3. Nebraska ------6.6 --------6.8
4. California ------5.5 --------5.6
5. Oklahoma -----5.4 --------5.6
6. Missouri -------4.3 --------4.5
7. Iowa -----------4.0 --------4.1
8. South Dakota 3.7 --------3.8
9. Wisconsin -----3.4 --------3.5
10. Colorado -----2.8-------- 2.8

Total for ten largest 56.2 57.9%
U.S. total 99.7

The answer above is for all cattle (including dairy). The question asks specifically about beef cattle. The top ten in beef cattle is:
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What states dominate cattle feedlot production?

Three states dominated cattle feedlot production: Texas had 2.7 million beef cattle on feedlots; Kansas, 2.3 million; and Nebraska, 2.2 million. Combined, these three states a

What cattle are beef cattle?

Cattle which are raised for their muscle mass rather than their  milk are beef cattle. Such cattle must be slaughtered in order to  obtain such a product, unlike with dairy

What breeds of cattle are beef cattle?

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What are the top five beef production states?

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What are the top beef cattle producing states?

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What is the second largest cattle production state?

According to the related link below, the second largest cattle-producing state in the United States is Nebraska.

What state raises most beef cattle?

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