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What stopped the dawes plan?

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The US loaned money to Germany and Germany was to repay its reparations to Europeans after World War I. The Europeans were then to make loan payments to US (to repay the loans we gave them during WWI). The whole plan fell apart when the Great Depression hit. The Johnson Act later took effect which stated that the U.S would not trade or invest with any nation that wasn't paying their loans.
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In Dawes Plan who did the US lend money to?

  The Dawes Plan was an attempt to reschedule reparation payments being made by Germany to the two major Allies of World War I. No reduction of the amount owed by Germany

What effect did Dawes Plan have on the economy of Germany?

The Dawes plan helped Germany payback war reparations to countries such as Great Britain and France, which in return paid their loans with interest to the US. For Germany to p

How did the Dawes plan help Germany?

The Dawes Plan gave them money to create a new currency system with something to back it up in order to pull Germany out of hyperinflation.

What did the Dawes Act do?

  The Dawes Act was passed in 1887 and it tried to dissolve Indian tribes by redistributing the land. It was designed to forestall growing Indian poverty, but it resulted

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What was the Daws Act?

The Dawes Act was an act passed in 1887 that granted citizenship to  Native Americans if they agreed to live on the land allotted to  them. This caused many Native Americans
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