What stores carry vera bradley bags?

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Vera Bradley Stores, Macys
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Who invented the Vera Bradley bags?

The Vera Bradley Bags were invented by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller in 1982. This is a different person now. haha. Vera Bradley bags are made by someone na

Where do they sell vera Bradley bags?

They sell them at HallMark stores and online that's the only 2 places I have seen them for new bags you might even be able to get them on amazon, but if you want used you can

How many stores does Vera Bradley have?

Vera Bradley has more than 3,500 retailers nationwide and owns 27 Vera Bradley stores across the country. Now They are opening more retail stores arose due to sales growth at

Are Vera Bradley bags sturdy?

They're well made and structured bags. The material and the quilt like pattern are of good quality and it's hard to wear them out, even with their cloth-like material. If I w
In Canada

What are some stores for vera bradley bags in Canada?

Vera Bradley is available at many locations in Canada. Serendipity, Neat Stuff, and Lambton Golf and Country Club in Ontario are a few. If you're looking in the greater Britis