What story written in 1697 made most Europeans scared of wolves?

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little red ridding hood :)
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What are scared stories?

Scary stories are fictional stories that are meant to make youscared. They are often legends told over and over again and usuallytold by campfire.

Why are people scared of wolves?

Because of their eary howl and their crave for meat....people are also scared of wolves because of their super speed and their creepy looking eyes.

What scares you most?

if you mean what is the most commen fear or just what im afaid of i will answer both the most commen fear is 1. the fear of spiders (which i think is silly) 2. the fear of get
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Are wolves scared of fire?

Well, yes. All they know instinctively is that fire can burn, and no one wants themselves or their home to be burnt. Even if a wolf saw fire in a campsite, it could 'freak out
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Are wolves scared of dogs?

Wild wolves are what are called "shy" (suspicious) animals by nature. They would much rather avoid animals they don't know than confront them directly. Depends on the dog,