What storyline is in Pokemon Gold and silver?

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Well It's pretty much a repeat of the first game but with some twists....

You are a new trainer from the New Bark Town, You are asked by the Local Professor to go visit a friend of his who has made a discover in a nearby town.You are given a Pokemon as a gift for doing this for him...

You find out that his friend has discovered a Mysterious Egg which is believed to be from a Pokemon,(This is a new thing since there was no mention of eggs in Pokemon Red or Blue)
You are asked to take the egg back to the Professor.But on your way back you receive a phone call from the professor saying his Lab has been robbed and that someone has taken one of his Pokemon...

You continue home where you meet the man who stole the Pokemon,you battle him either winning or losing and he runs off .You return back to the Professor who is still in shock and show him the egg,he is shocked and tasks you with the job to care for the egg until it hatches. You now begin your adventure to become a master of Pokemon, beating the 8 Gym Leaders and collecting your badges to allow you entry into the Pokemon League where you will be tested and challenged,you face rivals and obstacles on your way to collect the badges and getting to the Pokemon league

Once you beat the Pokemon League you are then allowed to head off to a different land,The Land of Kanto from Pokemon Red and Blue...

The Game reaches an end when you find a boy by the name of Red in a cave called Mt.Silver.You battle him and once you have defeated him,the game restarts and you arrive back in your home town.The game seems to go back into the past just before you faced Red,so you can battle him as many times as you want.

That's the Storyline
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