What street does spongebob live on in bikini bottom?

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When Spongebob got his license it said 124 Conch St
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Where did spongebob get the name bikini bottom?

Bikini Bottom was named because it lays at the BOTTOM of Bikini Atoll. The cartoon was created by a marine biologist and later Nickelodeon picked it up. Bikini Atoll is where

When did SpongeBob move to bikini bottom?

I dont know exactly when he moved there but he has NOT been there his whole life. There was an episode that I remember seeing where Spongebob came to Bikini Bottom looking for

What is the ending for spongebob battle for bikini bottom?

Patrick's description of the battle descibes the war being between the dirty and clean. At the end Spongebob (clean) gets so dirtied by Patrick that he realizes he can then sp