What supply voltage does a computer need?

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At Least, 115 volts. Which is standard from a wall outlet. If should not matter how many volts your computer needs, but the watts does. For most computers they need anywhere from 100-800 watts.
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What devise other than a generator can be used to supply ac voltage to computer if power goes off?

It's called UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). It saves power so the computer can keep running after the power goes off. The time it keeps running depends on the type of the

How much power supply does computer components need?

There is no set amount of power every computer built will need because different parts consume different amounts of electricity. Some people have more components than other pe

Do you need to upgrade your power supply if you add ram to your computer?

Conceivably, if you were right at the point of maxing out your old power supply and you gained additional speed by having more ram, you might increase the power demand ever-so

Do laptop computers need a voltage converter in Europe?

This is from HP's website: . Description If you are using a voltage adapter [I think they mean voltage "converter"] to work outside the US, you may have difficulties c

What voltages are supplies by the power supply on your system?

The power supply in a PC is a complex device using switch mode circuitry and transformers to generate +and- 12v, for modems and communications ports. +and-5volts for the logic

How do you know if your computer needs a new power supply?

EMachines are notorious for coming with under-powered power supplies, and several fires have been known to occur due to overheating and overloading of the PSU. In general, a

Does computer supply takes main power and transforms it to the voltages?

Your power supply unit, PSU. Takes AC power and distributes so much power to each connector. Each PSU, depending on the wattage of the unit gives each connector so much vo

How do you know how much power your computer needs from its power supply?

On each Hard-disk, CD-Player, Component of your computer you will find information in as to how many watts of power they consume. It may be printed on components but more typi