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What symptoms of phantom limb do not cause pain?

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Nonpainful sensations may include changes in temperature, itching, tingling, shock-like sensations, or perceived motion of the phantom limb. The limb may feel as if it is retracting into the stump in a phenomenon called telescoping
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What causes symptoms of heel and joint pain?

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What is the cause of phantom pain?

There are three different theories that people used to explain phantom pains 1) Stress and shock in the body caused phantom pains, along with ghosts. This theory was abando

How common is phantom limb syndrome?

The incidence of phantom limb pain is estimated in 50-80% of all amputees. Phantom limb sensation is more frequent and occurs in all amputees at some point.

How is phantom limb syndrome diagnosed?

The diagnosis of phantom limb is a clinical one. A history of previous limb amputation and the subsequent symptoms of abnormal sensations from the missing limb are key to the

What causes phantom limb?

It is presumed to be due to central and peripheral nervous system reorganization as a response to injury.

What is phantom limb?

the term for abnormal sensations perceived from a previously amputated limb. The abnormal sensations may be painful or nonpainful in nature.

What type of pain does phantom limb syndrome cause?

Painful sensations include burning, throbbing, or stabbing in nature. Touching the remaining stump may elicit sensations from the phantom. The quality of the pain may change o

Where does phantom limb pain occur in the body?

The abnormal "phantom" sensations and pain are usually located in the distal parts of the missing limb. Pain and tingling may be felt in the fingers and hand, and in the lower

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