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What symptoms of phantom limb do not cause pain?

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Nonpainful sensations may include changes in temperature, itching, tingling, shock-like sensations, or perceived motion of the phantom limb. The limb may feel as if it is retracting into the stump in a phenomenon called telescoping
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How is a phantom limb and a sensory homunculus linked?

How is a phantom limb and a sensory homunculus linked?

V. Ramachandran desribes a bit of this in his book "The Emerging Mind". The Penfield-Homunculus is not an exact replica of the body, because the face is located directly bes

What are all the symptoms of a phantom pregnancy?

The only difference between a phantom pregnancy and a real pregnancy is that with a phantom pregnancy you are not actually carrying a baby and you will usually have a period a

What are Dog phantom pregnancy symptoms?

The hormonal cycle of the bitch assumes that pregnancy has occurred after every cycle, whether or not a mating has taken place. She will therefore experience the physiological

What is phantom pain?

Phantom pain is pain you feel when you have an amputated limb. Phantom pain is most common 3-6 months after surgery. There are cures for phantom pain one called the mirror the

What could cause the symptoms throbbing pain in left neck and left arm?

  While there are many other possiblilties, it's important I tell you that these are among the early warning signs of a cardiac event, otherwise known as a heart attack. 

What is a phantom pregnancy and its symptoms?

  A phantom pregnancy is when a woman thinks she is pregnant, though all tests are negative and possess all pregnancy symptoms ( swollen/tender breasts, frequent urination
What can cause the symptoms of pain in left hand and neck?

What can cause the symptoms of pain in left hand and neck?

Compression of the left cervical nerve roots,supplying left hand. could be due to, cervical PID, LYSTHESIS, CANAL STENOSIS...CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS.........etc. also due to -im

What are the symptoms and causes for pain in lower right abdomen?

I think may be its a gas problem, indigestion or kidney-stone. I need more details about the pain to figure it out. Gas problem and indigestion can be solved by oral medicatio

What are the symptoms for causing the pain in upper abdomen?

There are many resons for causing upper abdominal pain but the main reason for pain is due to gas or indigestion. However if there is cause of severe pain in upper abdomen the

What causes a limb penis?

  he is not turned on. he hates you. but if you suck it it will get better and harder. DONT LET TEETH HIT IT!!!!!!!!
What is the cause of phantom pain?

What is the cause of phantom pain?

There are three different theories that people used to explain phantom pains 1) Stress and shock in the body caused phantom pains, along with ghosts. This theory was abandon
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What are pain symptom of a bladder infection?

It is painful to urinate, your abdomen may also feel like you did a  1,000 sit-ups when you didn't. You may also feel like you have to  empty your bladder frequently, and th