What taxes will I incur if I live in New Jersey and Work in New York?

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NY and NJ are constantly at war over reciprocal tax policy...you've probably seen articles about the "commuter tax". Basically, along an apportionment formula you will pay to both states. What you pay to NY should become a credit to what you would have paid to NJ on that same income. Because of a number of factors, like NY having a higher tax rate on that money, you will pay slightly more than if you had worked & lived in NJ only.
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Where do you file for unemployment insurance if you live in New Jersey but work in New York?

Answer: You file for unemployment from the "liable state" which collects the unemployment insurance from the employer you worked for. In this case, the "liable state" is New

What taxes will you incur if you live in New York and Work in New Jersey?

Taxes for boith States...and with an ever going dispute over some receprocity things (called a commuter tax)...you'll pay slightly more than you would if you were in one State

If you work in New York and live in New Jersey where do you collect unemployment benefits?

This depends on where you work and how your pay check is issued, ie which state your unemployment insurance is paid to. The state that INSURES you against unemployment is the

What taxes do you pay if you live and work in New York?

In the state of New York you would pay income tax and sales tax. If you own property you would pay real estate taxes to your town/city and county. If you buy gasoline for us