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1. The B52 was used in war for the first time.
2. The wire guided anti-tank missiles; SAGGER & TOW were used for the first time in war.
3. UAVs flew over 5,000 combat missions (mostly Ryan Firebees/Fireflies).
4. The first aluminum (steel gun/turret) swimming tank firing totally combustible shells was used for the first time in combat; the M551 Sheridan tank.
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What technologically advanced weapons were used in the Vietnam War?

None of the weapons in the answers below this one were "technologically advanced." Some technologically advanced weapons used in Vietnam were the Paveway II laser-guided bomb,

What did Nixon do to get US out of the Vietnam War?

  He intensified the war with maximum effort B52 bombing campaigns over North Vietnam in 1972; Operations Linebacker & Linebacker II (nick named the Christmas bombings). H

Did they use snipers in the Vietnam war?

Snipers were used as arms for American soldiers. Not too sure if the Vietnamese used snipers as well.

What was the US involvement in the Vietnam War?

The US supported the non-communist government of South Vietnam, which was under attack by army and guerrilla forces supported by North Vietnam, with the aid of the Soviet Unio

Why did the US enter the Vietnam War?

The overall purpose was to support an anti-communist government, part of the Cold War policy of containment. The Soviet Union supplied much war materiel to the North, and the

What weapons were used in the Vietnam War?

a few weapons were the u.s m-16,m-14,m-2 frags,m-2 .50 cal mg,ar-15 and m-60 viet cong (vc) ak-47,mosin nagat,ppsh-41,mat-49,81mm mortar,60mm mortors,106mm recoiless rifle Act

How did the US declare war on Vietnam?

  WW2 was the last declared war fought by the United States.

What planes were used in the Vietnam war?

The only fixed-wing aircraft NOT used in Vietnam were the B-58 Hustler bomber; F-106 Delta Dart interceptor, and the B-47 Stratojet bomber. Fixed-wing aircraft used during

What technologies were invented for the Vietnam War?

The biggest development was that the first laser guided bombs were used at the very end(after US forces had left), which would become the smart bombs of the late cold war. Mo

How long was the Vietnam war with the US?

  Most historians prefer to use the year 1961 as the starting date for the war. However, Eisenhower sent US military men to Vietnam in 1955; with the first US military dea

Did Vietnam defeated US in the Vietnam War?

For me Vietnam defeated US in the Vietnam War. Because North Vietnam conquered Southern Vietnam. And Southern Vietnam is a democratic country and an ally of US. The US Milit

Did the US lose the Vietnam War?

Technically America never declared war on anyone in Vietnam, it was a "police action", so America technically never fought a war in the first place. De jure though, it was a d

Why did the US help Vietnam in Vietnam war?

  Answer   Although a multifaceted question, the simple answer is the easiest.  When countries like (United Soviet Socialists Republic) USSR - now Russia, and China

Were submarines used in the Vietnam war?

  US Subs patrolled the world's oceans, including the Vietnam coastline. Other than possibly any covert operations, US submarines just patrolled, and kept an eye on any So

What did the US do with the Tanks from the Vietnam War?

The US used only the M551 Sheridan and M48A3 Pattons tanks in Vietnam. Generally speaking, only four things happened to them during and after the war: 1. Some were so heavily

How did the US leave the Vietnam War?

The United States began to withdraw troops gradually in 1970, following President Nixon's plan for "Peace with Honor" through the "Vietnamization" of the war. that meant turni