What tells one cell to do or become one thing while another cell does or becomes something else?

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If you are referring to the development of the human body while in the womb, it would be the Hox Gene.
Cytokines, chemokines, and general hormones are the cell messaging mechanisms in higher organisms. Transcription factors and gene expression products play big roles, too.
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How does one cell become a brain cell and another a skin cell?

This is called cell differentiation and it is driven bychemicals/chemical gradients in the blastula development stage ofthe embryo (the early stage of development when it is a
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How can one cell become a chick?

By influence of the environment (the uterus, and hormones), the fertilized ovum (single cell) replicates its genetic content and divides, resulting in two cells. These two cel
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Why can one cell become one baby?

The cells ability to divide with mitosis after fertilization occurs allows one cell to grow into a baby. Furthermore, after the process of gastrulation, the cells receive dif
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How can one cell become a multicellular organism?

By cellular reproduction. Cells reproduce asexually so if there is only one cell and it reproduces then there will be two cells and thus multicellular.