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What temperature is chosen as standard when comparing the solubility of different substances?

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At STP(Standard Temperature and pressure), the temperature is zero degrees Celsius(273 Kelvin) and the pressure is 1 atmosphere. At RTP(Room temperature and pressure), the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius(298 Kelvin) and the pressure is 1 atmosphere.
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Compare the solubilities of the lead compounds with those of the alkaline earth metals How are the solubilities similar and different?

1) NaOH : solubilities between alkaline earth metals and lead are similar as we can see alkaline earth metals show cloudy and solid and lead show cloudy as well. 2) NaCl: s

Why can different substances be different phases at room temperature?

This is because different substances have varying inter molecular forces due to electron distributions. Also the weakest of the attractive forces are found in the gases and th

What is a soluble substance?

It is a substance that may cease to be a solid by dissolving into it's solvent. Polar substances dissolve in water; most organic substances may be dissolved in water; while in

What substances are more soluble in CCl4?

CCl4 is a non-polar molecule. Keep in mind the phrase "Like dissolves like." A non-polar molecule will be soluble in other non-polar molecules, as polar molecules will not be

What is Solubility of substances?

Solubility of a substance is the amount of that substance that will  be dissolved in a solvent. Solubility is the property of a liquid,  solid, or gas.