What term is usually used to refer to the proportions of sand silt and clay in a sample of soil?

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This is called the soil 'texture." There are sandy soils, clay soils, and well-balanced soil (with a mix of sand, clay/silt particles and organic material like compost) is usually referred to as "loam."
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Does grass grow better in soil or sand or clay?

Grass will grow in most any soil condition, but not clay. Grass is a plant, and it needs soil to be porous enough that water will be able to flow through; thus it will not grow in pure clay. However soils that have a mixture of loam and clay, or sand and clay, or loam and sand, will be suitable enough for grasses to grow in. But there are many species of grasses, and each species have their own specific conditions they like to grow in or grow best in.

Do beans grow better in clay sand or potting soil?

Beans grow better in soil because soil has all the moisture and nutrients. If you use sand, it could be to rocky. Clay will also not be good even though it can keep good moisture it does not have the nutrients like soil.

Which soil type is better thick gooey clay or sand and why?

I think sand is better. Because you can always add organic materialto sand to make it hold moisture and be more fertile. Thick clayneeds to be broken up by the addition of something, like sand, tomake it more porous and free draining this is harder to do than toadd organic material to sand.

What has more water Clay silt or sand?

The finer material holds more water. The granular size of Clay, Silt and Sand are in this order (smallest to largest): . Clay . Silt . Sand So Clay holds the most water, then Silt, Then Sand. This can be disproved if one is dry and the other is wet or other variations of this idea obviously. *This is one of those question where I wish wiki Answers would allow commas.

What are the uses of clay soil?

most soils have clay. clay soils contain alot of nutrients on the surface. some types of clay are used in ceramics nd pottery.

Do plants grow better in clay soil or sand?

\nClay soil. In my region of Texas, we only have clay soil, and we can grow plants just fine!!!! Sand is in West Texas (I have visited), and there aren't ANY plants there.

What is most Permeable clay soil gravel or sand?

gravel, permeable is the ability of water to pass through the empty spaces. clay would be the least permeable, it does now have lots of pores or open voids for the water to go through. remember, as porosity increases, permeability increases.

What is Cement sand silt clay mortar mix?

mortar mix may be used as a strengthen agent for the available soft soils, it will increase shear strength, but in the same time bonding with aggregate will be decrease. it may consider as a soil stabilization method if cement added as 10% by weight of the sand silty clay. it will work good.

Sand silt content test?

first of all take the sample of the sand and insert it into a measuring jar, then add water as per required,then add half spoon salt for better setting time. shake the jar slowly....and wait for 10 minutes. after 10 minutes you can see the different layer of the actual sand,silt and water. for calculating the SILT CONTENT:- silt divide by total height .that means sand+silt=total height. multiply by100 for percentage. you can calculate silt content after 3 hr. also.

Does soil have clay sand and silt in it?

Yes some Soil does! It dosent all have in it!! Too find out more look up on Google what types of soil has Clay or silt in it. There are MANY different types of soil. SAND is soil!!!! I'm NOT lyin'!!! Hope this helps ~Charlie~

What is silt soil used for?

Silt is a soil texture, or a soil particle separate. Silt textured soils are used for anything that other soils would be used for, except perhaps the mining of sand or clay.

How many times larger the largest grains of silt and sand are compared to clay grains?

A clay granule may be the size of the smallest silt particle or up to 25 times smaller, and from 25 to 40 times smaller than a sand particle. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) classifications are 0.002 to 0.05 mm (0.00008 to 0.002 in) for silt particles, 0.05 to 2.00 mm (0.002 to 0.08 in) for sand, and clay grains are less than 0.002 mm (0.00008 in)

Which is heavier clay or silt?

silt because there is a specific oder these substances go in order by. This goes from greatest mass to least mass: sand, silt , clay

How is silt and clay carried by a river?

It is carried in solution so you can't see it but it is there and the water has a greater frce than griavity does on the silt/clay so that is how it stays up.

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Is silt bigger than clay?

Silt might be bigger than clay particles, but the main differenceis that silt is composed of round particles and clay is composed offlat particles.