What the best clothing store teens?

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1.My opinion is pacsun but that's just my opinion.
2.I like holister,kohls,macys,aeropostale,and American eagle
3.JcPennys Macys Aeropostale urban Planet abercrombie and fitch Pink jucie couture
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What are some examples of popular stores where teens are buying their clothes?

American Eagle . Hollister . Abercrombie & Fitch . Delia's . Pac Sun . Zumiez . Aeropostle . Victoria's Secret . Urban Outfitters . American Appareal I'm a teen, so I know for a fact that these are true. ^ There are other stores besides this where you can find cool, popular clothing. (MORE)

What are the most popular girls teen clothing stores?

Preteens and Small Teenagers - Justice. Cute clothes, kind of expensive sometimes. Teenagers - Aeropostale (inexpensive), Hollister (expensive, but pretty good sales), American Eagle (certain types of clothes are expensive), and Abercrombie and Fitch (expensive if not on clearance). Keep in mind l (MORE)

Best woman's clothing store?

I'd say Dillards or Neiman Marcus. For young women Urban Outfitters is great too. Don't go to stores like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe, their clothes are cheaply made and they fall apart. For best fitting clothes for women, there are several custom clothing shops online and offline. One examp (MORE)

Teen clothing stores?

Well clothing stores that i typically shop at an have a range of sizes and sometimes styles, that you can buy both basics, jeans, and almost anything else at are Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Nordstroms, JCrew (or crewcuts if you small like me), Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, American Appar (MORE)

What are the Best stores for teen girls?

Here are some really good stores: Campus Crew, American Eagle, Garage, Lulu Lemon, Aeropostale, Hollister, Aerie (by American Eagle), Stitches, Abrocrombi and Fitch, Jcrew, and Wet seal.

What is the best store for clothes in girl world?

The best clothing store depends on a number of things. It depends on these factors mainly.\n . your personal style\n . your price range\n . what you want to look like\n . what is available to you\n Take all these factors and you can chose for yourself. \ngoth- hot topic\nPreppy- Lacoste\nBeach: (MORE)

Which are the best US made clothing stores besides American Appeal?

If you are looking for Made in U.S.A. clothing, try Shopnificent.com asa great place to shop for Juniors Clothing, Plus Size Clothing, Misses Clothing. They feature a lot of labels like Il Bacci, Seeseel, Mix Studio Wall Street, Revicci, Dolphino, Street Rules. They are all made in USA Those s (MORE)

What is the best clothing store?

In my opionon, 1st best is abercrombie, 2nd best is hollister, 3rd favorite is gilly hicks, 4th favorite is American Eagle/Aerie, 5th best Aeropostale, 6th best Forever 21, and 7th best but still one of my favorite is Rue 21

What are the best clothing stores when on a budget?

Dots is a great place to shop when your on a tight budget there are often time where you can find shirts and even heels for about 3-7 bucks a couple days ago i went to dots and got me 2 shirts and a pair of heels for $24.

Teen clothing stores in Paris?

well when i went to Paris my favorite stores were. -jennyfer . -new look . -leho . -sephora (cosmetics) . -zara . but thoughs are only a few . I'm 15 by the way

What is the best clothing store in the world?

Abercrombie or Abercrombie and Fitch! caralase Ilove those stores! Improve- If you're looking for a cheap store, try privately ownedbusinesses. Corporately owned stores, such as Abercrombie and Fitchor HotTopic, charge quite a bit for their items. The quality ofsaid items is poor, whereas stores (MORE)

What are some teen clothing stores?

Abercrombie Hollister Hot Topic American Eagle Forever 21 Abercrombie and Fitch H&M Victoria Secret !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . buckles . rui 21 . aeropostle . urban outfitters dressmeglam.com

What are some good clothing stores for teens?

Okay here is the list: Forever 21, hollister, kohls, american eagle, charlotte russe, pac sun, target, abercrombie, wet seal, aeropostale, jcpenny, tjmax, marshalls, the pink line at victoria secret is also very much related towards teens. Hope this helps(: Also: Garage, bluenotes, stitches, an (MORE)

What is the best clothing store ever?

They are Aeropostale and American Eagle. Hollister is good too. Abercrombie and Fitch cost alot and Armani Exchange cost alot. So go with AE, Hollister, and Aero. Zara!!

What stores are best for buying bohemian clothing?

Free People, Urban outfitters, anthropologie, shopruche, and pink ice. Increasing, cost effective options are small web stores like www.thelittlebazaar.com that would sell the same clothing at a quarter of the price, with an even expanded collection.

Where is the best store to shop for teens?

To get best and cheapest products for teens, You can use YepMe.comthat provide latest fashionable collection at very affordableprice. YepMe is the largest online fashion brand in India thatprovide easy and reliable shopping worldwide with free shipping.

What are some really popular teen clothing stores?

American eagle . aeropostal . forever 21 . holister . abercrombie . aritzia (Canadian store) . H&M . Urban Planet or Urban Behaviour - rue21 - juicy couture : expensive _ HM it really depends on the fashion trend that's in, the stores really don't matter but most shop at those stores : (MORE)

What are good clothing stores for teens?

I love New Look and Primark - for girls. Blue inc is good for boys. Depends what kind of clothes you like, IE, smart or casual or what not. :P Hope this helps. Also Holister is a good place to shop at.

How do clothes get to the store?

After being made they go to a wholesaler who then distributes them in either bulk buying (buying lots and lots for chainstores like New Look) or in smaller quantities for the individual store.

What are the best clothing stores for preteens?

Some great preteen stores are Hollister, Aeropostale, Khol's , Macy's, Delia's , Abercrombie and Fitch, Wet Seal, Papaya, P.S , American Eagle, and Pacsun. ( Some may be for teens but atleast try ! )

Best clothing store for pre-teens?

Depends, boys and girls like different things. For girls 6-12, try Justice or Limited Too. Aeropostale also works on boys and girls ages 9 and up.

Best clothes stores for teen girls?

Brand names: Polo by Ralph Lauren, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21, Aeropostale, Victorias Secret. Cheaper Stores: Marshalls, TJMaxx, JCPenneys It depends on your type of style because different stores sell different types of clothing. If you don't really have a style you like, look a (MORE)

What are good online clothing stores for teens?

Most teen stores have online shops as well as physical ones, sofavorite stores like Urban Outfitters, H&M, Old Navy,Aeropostale, or American Eagle can be visited online. In addition,Modcloth and Etsy can help you find more one-of-a-kind articles ofclothing online.

What are the best teen clothing stores for girls?

Here's my opinion from 1-7. 7. Pacsun- Pacsun is well known for it's jeans and good for the styles that are "now". Pacsun has more of a casual look with the newest trends. 6. American Eagle- American Eagle is personally NOT one of my favorites but I think it's ok. It doesn't have that many clo (MORE)

What stores carry cute teen clothes?

I think the best places for carrying cute teen clothes isAbercrombie and Fitch $$$ Hollister$$$ Forever 21$ American Eagle$$Gap$$ Lululemon$$$$ Aritzia $$$$ Aeropostale$ Marshalls$ Somestores are pricier than others, but it's all up to you and what youwant to spend. Hot Topic and Wet Seal are also g (MORE)

How do you get the teens from the store?

You go to the garage and go get the leaf blower and blow it on the snow man near by and he will five you a troll and go to leisure towers and use the troll to play bingo and when you win they will give you a CD and use that to play in front of the store with the teens.

What are some cute cheap clothing stores for teens?

Second hand shops are great for something 'different' and cheap. Kylie Minogue found her pair of famous silver hot pants in an opportunity shop (Op Shop), I think it was Saint Vincent de Pauls (St. Vinnies).

What is THE most popular teen clothing store for 2012?

I dont know for sure but am guessing boohoo.com and missselfidge.com these might be quite popular if you live in the uk, only going on what is adverting on the tv and what others are saying, not sure about the usa! hope i sort of helped!

What are the clothing basics for a teen girl the items not stores?

The basics really depend on your personal style.if you're mainstream and just want to fit in and be like everybody else, I suggest American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale...etc. if you're not, you might be surprised some of the things you can find for great prices at places you wouldn't e (MORE)

What stores offer the best prices for kids clothes?

Best prices can be defined in two ways, best quality for the buck or lowest price. If you want both quality and a low price both Old Navy and Target alike offer several children's clothes lines which are for both stores often in line with the latest trends.