What the meaning of Man's word is his bond?

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a bond is a financial guarantee in many case. Such as, a contractor must be bonded t insure the completion of the job. A good man's word will act as that - you will only has to trust the good man's word.
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Do white stains on a man's underwear mean he has cheated?

Answer . \nNo. Men can have white stains or yellow stains on the front of their shorts. Some men can get easily aroused (for example: seeing a stripper) and perhaps have semen stains, but it doesn't mean he cheated. Usually the yellow stains are from urine or discharge. \n. \nMarcy

What does 'bonded' mean?

\n. \n What "Bonded" Means \n. \nInsured. A bond guarantees financial reimbursement to your customer if he suffers a loss due to your actions.

Conscience is a man's compass mean?

There is a common saying that 'conscience is a man's compass.' Thismeans that a person's conscience will dictate their behaviors anddirection in life.

What does rich man's war poor man's fight mean?

An act for "enrolling and calling out the National Forces" was signed into law on March 3, 1863, by President Abraham Lincoln. This, the first effective draft by the federal government, called for all men between the ages of 18 and 45 to be enrolled into local militia units and be available to be ca (MORE)

What does the phrase no man's land mean?

no man's land . n. 1. Land under dispute by two opposing parties, especially the field of battle between the lines of two opposing entrenched armies. 2. An area of uncertainty or ambiguity. 3. An unclaimed or unowned piece of land. no man's land - land that is unowned and uninhabited (and (MORE)

Meaning of non bonding electron bond?

As a start: Electrons that are not share between atoms. covalent bonds along with pie bonds require two electrons per bond. the two electrons in the bond are shared electrons or bonding electrons. Atoms such as oxygen and nitrogen have electrons that are not part of a bond. Oxygen is in group VI (MORE)

What does expression Blind Man's Bluff mean?

It is a children's game where one person is blindfolded and the other children stand around in a circle; the object is for the "blindman" to grab someone and identify them without taking off the blindfold.

What does bonded means?

linked together, connected, fused as in a liquid or metal, as in friendship or a mind link

What is the Scottish Gaelic translation and pronunciation of the English word Mistress as used to mean Head Mistress as opposed to a man's lover outside of marriage?

I have only heard head mistress used as a fancy-Dan ( or danielle) synonym for a Principal of a school, usually all-girls. Headmaster is far more common. Headmasters usually teach as well as serve as adminstrators. I have never heard head Mistress as some sort of rank-title for a concubine in chief, (MORE)

What does Woof on a man's Tshirt mean?

Woof...on a man's T shirt means...he's a proud...masculine...muscular...hairy..gay man...woof...woof...LOL-you forgot the four h's-hot-hard-handsome and hung-

What does it mean when a woman touches a man's face?

It means she is in love with him! It's not something that you do when you have neutral feelings for a person. And if you do this gesture without wanting the person whose face you're touching to think that you're in love with them, you're making a BIG mistake. This is a very intimate gesture that lea (MORE)

If a man's penis is sticking up what does it mean?

The man is sexually aroused, and is experiencing an erection. An erection means that a man is sexually aroused, and is ready to make babies with a female person. it means your turned on or just plain horny! Hard-ons are natural. The penis is suppose to stick up when your aroused.

What does bonds mean?

Bonds are the long-term securities issued by the companies. A bond is the obligation to repay the principal along with the interest within a stipulated maturity period. It has low risk when compared to other types of securities.

What was the meaning of the expressions the white man's burden?

"White man's burden" was a phrase originally coined by Rudyard Kipling in one of his poems. It was taken as a phrase to sum up imperialist thought through a Western-centric viewpoint. Essentially, it argues that whites had the right and obligation to rule over and try to improve "lesser" cultures by (MORE)

What do bond mean?

Bond mean's to have somebody's trust or to gain their trust such as bonding with your bird or pet or your girlfriend/boyfriend to have a fully connection.

What does the statement one man's liberty ends where another man's liberty begins mean?

The quote "One man's liberty ends where another man's begins." has a very important meaning. The quote means that a person can do anything they wish to do until it interferes with another person's liberties. This statement is put into affect in the first amendment of the Constitution. In the first a (MORE)

What did Rudyard Kipling mean when he wrote about 'the white man's burden'?

Answer This was the idea popular at the time that it was the duty of Europeans to bring European civilization to the rest of the people of the world, in the belief that the other people were not civilized or had an inferior form of civilization. Answer Reinforces negative stereotypes of coloni (MORE)

What does it mean when a man's penis gets soft?

just means there is no blood flow to your penis cause your hormones aren't excited Another answer: The normal state of a mans or boys penis is soft, limp, flaccid, this is the condition it is in most of his life. It only got hard, erect, stiff, when he is sexually aroused and once orgasm has taken (MORE)

What does rich man's war and poor man's fight mean?

In the context not only of the American Civil War but of many otherwars, as well, the phrase "rich man's war and poor man's fight" isa significant one. Its basic meaning is that, while wealthy leadersmay cause wars, it is the poor people who end up doing the actualfighting -- and dying.

What does 'white man's burden' mean?

The responsibility of bringing civilization and Christianity to developing countries. This perceived responsibility on the part of Europeans drove them to colonize the Third World over three centuries (18th through the 20th). It's origin is from the poem "The White Man's Burden" by Rudyards Kipling (MORE)

'One man's vulgarity is another man's lyric' mean?

What may be offensive to one person may be beautiful to another. What one person may consider highly objectionable, another may consider a high form of art. Tastefulness or lack thereof is in the eye of the beholder.

What does the phrase rich man's fight and poor man's fight mean?

The war was often called 'A rich man's war but a poor man's fight'. This meant that the poor were having to do the fighting for the interests of the rich. Also the Union side allowed a conscript to pay a substitute to serve in his place. This was very bad for morale, and the substitutes were often (MORE)

Does an Adam's apple mean that a man's voice is done maturing?

No and yes. An Adams apple is just a term for the the bump on men's, teens, and some preteens throats. It develops when the boy or preteen goes through puberty. Some teens get and Adams apple then his voice deepens, for others its the other way around. I bet that sounded like I'm a doctor or a scien (MORE)

What does it mean when a woman touches a man's hand?

You need to ask the particular woman involved. I know that destroys the possibility of wishful thinking, but it's infinitely more accurate than asking a bunch of people who neither know nor care what she meant, if in fact it wasn't simply an accident.

What does man's ineradicable primitive aggressivity mean?

It sounds like a phrase to describe men's stereotypically aggressive nature: 'ineradicable' means you can't get rid of it, and 'primitive' implies that it is an evolutionary hand-me-down from prehistoric times when men needed aggression in their hunting. So basically I think it is saying - 'men (MORE)

What does it mean when a man's balls hang low?

A man's balls (testicles) can hang low if the man is in a hotenvironment. There is an optimum temperature for the testicles andthe body can compensate for the environment somewhat by lowering orraising the testicles.

What does 'A poor man's words have little weight' mean?

People are not prone to believe someone that is not successful. While it is a generalization and stereotype, poor people tend to be less educated and less nsuccessful in their lives. This makes people less likely to listen to what they say and their suggestions. After all, if you want to be successf (MORE)

What does the Bible mean when it says man's number is 666?

A: The number 666, found in the Book of Revelation, means nothing ofany significance. Some of the earliest copies of Revelation have the number 616 instead, so this might havebeen the original number used here. This shows how wrong we wouldbe to rely on biblical numerology to understand futureeven (MORE)