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A supportive friend is always there, through thick and thin. The friend is caring and loving.
A Supportive friend is:

  • They are always there for you when humanly possible.
  • If you do something wrong then they should tell you that what you are doing is not right.
  • If others are against you for no reason your friend should stand by your side and never falter.
  • Friends should share secrets and dreams of what they would like in their life and those secrets should remain between the two friends and not discussed with other friends.
  • A friend should not lie.
  • A supportive friend is there through the laughter and the tears and give a shoulder to cry on.
  • A friend should try to make you feel more confident when your confidence is weak.
  • If your friend and you have a disagreement and do not talk for a bit then one or the other should try to come to terms with the problem and either apologize (even if not wrong) in order to keep a good friendship healthy.
  • A good friend should cheer you on to do the best at something that you want to do.
  • A supportive friend does not cast you aside if they make new friends and always keeps in touch with you or introduces you to some of their new friends.

It is important to know that no human is 100% perfect and that each of us make mistakes, but we learn from mistakes and it's better to be honest than dishonest in a friendship.
A person who is always with you in every situation no matter what, they are known as Best Friends. They are your supportive friends or the strong pillars, they will stand besides you in your toughest situation, they feel empathy towards you and promises you to face the situation together.These people are precious gems which are rarely found.
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