What three areas was a great time of advancement for the fifth century BC in Greece?

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Classical Greece was advanced in medicine, mathematics, and science.
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What were the three most significant events in Greece in the fifth century BC?

The three most significant events in Greece in the 5th century BCE are: A/ The first Persian - Greek war at 490 BCE - Persian leader Darius I who was defeated by the Greeks

Who conquered Greece in the 4th Century BC?

Phillip II of Macedonia. After his assassination, his young sonAlexander had to put down an uprising before he went off to Asia tocarry out his father's planned takeover of th
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Why was 5th century BC a great time for Greece?

It was a great time for endless wars and slaughter and all thedisaster and deprivation which comes with it. There were also windows of cultural advancement in art, the arts,b