What time did the 1986 NASA explosion happen?

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What happened after the nuclear bomb explosion?

The US detonates a uranium bomb over the Japanese city ofHiroshima, killing more than 140,000 people within months. Manymore later die from radiation-related illnesses. The US explodes aplutonium bomb over Nagasaki. An estimated 74,000 people die by theend of 1945. Little can be done to ease the suf (MORE)

What happens if a dog eats some explosives?

If they are activated, then the dog will most likely die because its self and the explosives will explode. If you are worried a dog that has eaten something explosive-like, you might want to consider a vet or surgeon to remove it from its body.

What happened in the Cambrian explosion?

The Cambrian explosion is supposedly a time in Earth's history about 570 million years ago when life evolved extremely quickly from single-celled organisms to complex plants and animals. There is a major problem with this theory, in that it is a cataclysmic event. Evolutionary theory avoids catas (MORE)

How did the Halifax explosion happen?

The Mont Blanc (cargo ship) that was filled with 200 tons ofTNT, 30 tons of benzol, many artillery shells and lots of guncotton. The Mont Blanc was trying to ship the weapons to Europe forWorld War One. When the Mont Blanc was just passing through theouter harbor, it accidently hit the Norwegian shi (MORE)

Why do they happen nuclear explosion?

Nuclear explosions happen for many reasons: An uncontrolled chain reaction (fission reaction) occurs with uranium 238, A fission reaction is where 1 large nucleus (centre of an atom) splits up into 2 or more smaller nuclei giving off neutrons. These neutrons then hit another nucleus changing it (MORE)

What happened during the Cambrian Explosion?

The Cambrian explosion is the term for the geologically rapiddiversification of such a large collection of organisms in theCambrian fossil record. The Cambrian Explosion is divided into two time periods: theNeoproterozoic Era occurred from 1,000 to 541 million years ago,and the Paleozoic Era occurr (MORE)

Where are the explosives on time tangled island?

There is a barrel of gunpowder at the Great Wall of China (1593 AD). You can use it to blast open the rock cave at the Vikings island in 831 AD. One you have the gunpowder, click the rocks to blast them open.

What day did the space shuttle explosion happen?

The Challenger exploded after liftoff because of failed 'O' rings in thee solid rocket booster (or SRB )The failure in the SRB caused hot gases to burn through the lower portion of the external tank (ET) and also the coupling that held the SRB in place. The SRB tilted inward and ruptures the upper p (MORE)

What happens in seed dispersal explosion?

They explode and the seeds go into different areas. What also happens is that the seeds also have little wing like tips that leave them then allowing the seed to drop. from there germination begins from a ten year old mariojackman

Where did the nuclear explosion happen?

There have been over a thousand nuclear explosions on Earth since they were invented. If you know how to use Google Earth, the very first nuclear explosion took place at the Trinity test site at 33 o 40'38"N 106 o 28'94"W. Type these numbers into the "fly to" window (33 40 37 N 106 28 29 W)" If you (MORE)

What happened to beto from explosion nortena?

Tres sujetos con nexos con el cártel de Tijuana, entre ellos el vocalista del grupo Explosión Norteña, intérpretes de narcocorridos, fueron detenidos este miércoles en esta ciudad fronteriza mexicana tras enfrentarse a tiros con la policía, informó el ministerio de Seguridad Pà (MORE)

How many times NASA go to moon?

There were 17 Apollo missions altogether, although not all of these went to the moon. Many were simply test missions, some unmanned, and some in earth orbit only.. Of the missions that went to the moon, Apollo 8 was the first mission to reach the moon, orbit it and return, followed by the next miss (MORE)

What happens to the human body in a nuclear explosion?

Depending on the distance from the blast, the shockwave will burst all your internal organs and break bones, then in less than a second, the intense heat will cause your entire body to explode into steam/gasses in less than a half a second, leaving very little material, that will be dust. Maybe less (MORE)

When did the explosion happen at mount st Helens?

Mt. St. Helens remained dormant from its last period of activity in the 1840s and 1850s until March 1980. Several small earthquakes beginning as early as March 15, 1980, indicated that magma may have been moving below the volcano. Then on March 18 at 3:45 p.m. Pacific Standard Time a shallow Richter (MORE)

Where did the first nuclear explosion happen?

Trinity was the first test of technology for an atomic weapon. It was conducted by the united states on July 16, 1945, at a location 35 miles (56 km) southeast of socorro, new Mexico on the white sands proving ground, headquartered near Alamogordo.Trinity was a test of an implosion-design plutonium (MORE)

Where was the nuclear explosion at in 1986?

I don't know of one specifically, there was still underground nuclear testing at the time so there might have been several that year. If you are thinking of the reactor explosion at Chernobyl that year, that was not a nuclear explosion, just a large steam explosion when the coolant water flash v (MORE)

How does an ash explosion in a volcano happen?

Magma builds up in the mountain and starts to rumble. Then the rockat the bottom starts to push up causing the magma to go up and risethe temperature of it. As it nears the opening it becomes lava andturns into ash as it burns up.

What happens if NASA goes out of business?

If NASA goes out of business it eliminates the chance for the U.S to be involved in an "arms race" in space, which is a race for space militarization and from there will lead to a race to put nuclear weapons in space. And even if they don't go out of business that will happen. When it happens NASA w (MORE)

What happens if the sun turned into a supernova explosion?

Basically, we will die. From what I know, The Supernova will cause an explosive shock-wave through space. (This next paragraph has nothing to do with the shock-wave) Some scientist's think earth could be toast, It might flash-burn anything not in shade. It would also emit a Gamma Ray, Which could ca (MORE)

What would happen if you ate plastic explosive?

Plastic explosives are made by combining an explosive compound with a plastic binder and plasticizer to make it more stable and thus safer to handle. Nearly all explosives are toxic to some extent because of their reactive nature. For example, RDX, a chemical used in plastic explosives such as C-4, (MORE)

When did the explosion of Halifax happen?

The Halifax Explosion Happened On December 6 In 1917. You Can Remember The Year Because If You Know What Year The Titanic Sank, The Halifax Explosion Happened 5 Years After That.

How did the explosion happen in Japan?

There were several explosions; but the two most notable were: -The nuclear reactor explosion in Sendai, and -The oil refinery explosion in Ichihara. The nuclear reactor explosion: It occurred when the engines powering the cooling system failed in the earthquake. Without constant cooling, the r (MORE)

What happens to marble in a nuclear explosion?

That is a complicated function of: . height/depth of burst . distance from burst . neutron flux density and spectrum . thermal pulse . overcast, if airburst . density, etc. of material around burst, if subsurface burst . mechanical condition of marble prior to burst . chemical impurities i (MORE)

What would happen if you were hit by a shock from an explosion?

Depends on how severe the shockwave is- At very high energy levels, you would be thrown through the air. At extremely high levels, the air sacs in your lungs would be ruptured from the force, resulting in death. At higher levels, your body would be torn apart. A low levels, you could have your heari (MORE)

What has to happen for a nuclear explosion to happen?

There are two requirements. First, you have to have a critical mass (about 40 pounds) of a fissile substance (the fissile substance is either U 235 or plutonium) and secondly, the critical mass has to come together very rapidly (two halves are propelled toward each other by means of a conventional (MORE)

What happens during an explosion in FULL?

Chemical explosives may be low or high explosives. Low explosives, such as black gunpowder, actually burn- but at a very high speed. That burning produces a rapidly expanding gas. The gas exerts a push on things around it, and can propel bullets, break rock, etc. High explosives are unstable chemica (MORE)

What happened during Ramses military explosives?

Ramses II was a great military commander like his father, a warrior king who waged successful wars against Libya and Nubia and the Hittites. The Hittites were an Indo-European people who entered Mesopotamia and destroyed the Babylonian empire. The capital of the Hittite kingdom was Hattusha, now in (MORE)

What happens during an explosion on Mount Konocti?

Mount Konocti is a volcano that is located on the south shore of Clear Lake in Lake County, California. An explosion on Mount Konocti would lead to a lava overflow. This particular volcano however has not erupted within the past 10,000 years.