What time did the 1986 NASA explosion happen?

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Where was the nuclear explosion at in 1986?

I don't know of one specifically, there was still underground nuclear testing at the time so there might have been several that year. If you are thinking of the reactor explos

How does an ash explosion in a volcano happen?

Magma builds up in the mountain and starts to rumble. Then the rockat the bottom starts to push up causing the magma to go up and risethe temperature of it. As it nears the op

What happens if NASA goes out of business?

If NASA goes out of business it eliminates the chance for the U.S to be involved in an "arms race" in space, which is a race for space militarization and from there will lead

How did the explosion happen in Japan?

There were several explosions; but the two most notable were: -The nuclear reactor explosion in Sendai, and -The oil refinery explosion in Ichihara. The nuclear reactor ex

What happens to marble in a nuclear explosion?

That is a complicated function of: . height/depth of burst . distance from burst . neutron flux density and spectrum . thermal pulse . overcast, if airburst . density,
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What has to happen for a nuclear explosion to happen?

There are two requirements. First, you have to have a critical mass (about 40 pounds) of a fissile substance (the fissile substance is either U 235 or plutonium) and secondly
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Why do explosions happen?

explosions happen because there is a chemical called acid thatmakes it explode

Who died in the 1986 space shuttle explosion?

The astronauts that lost their lives were Francis R. Scobee(Shuttle Commander), Michael J. Smith (Shuttle Pilot), RonaldMcNair (Mission Specialist), Ellison Onizuka (Mission S