What time will Bon Jovi come on stage on Friday June 27th 2008?

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Doors officially open at 4, although Bon Jovi are not due on stage until 8pm. According to the organisers and on the basis of previous concerts, they are expected to play until around 10:30pm

The Feeling are supporting Bon Jovi for most of their UK tour, including the 2nd Twickenham date on the 28th June. They are booked elsewhere for the 27th, and as yet no support act has been announced for the 27th.
OPENING ACT is Biffy Clyro
Bon Jovi - Standing Twickenham Stadium, Twickenham, Middlesex, GB
Fri 27 Jun 2008, 16:00

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Will Bon Jovi be touring to Boston 2007 or 2008?

Hi; I have noticed as of late that the Boston dates have been added late. I have come across this same situation with Kid Rock. I would keep watching tour dates but I can't imagine Boston being left out of the tour. YES BON JOVI IS COMING TO BOSTON. check islandrecords.com under the tours section a (MORE)

Who is Bon Jovi?

Answer . Bon Jovi is a band that was orignally started by Jon Bon Jovi (lead singer) and Richie Sambora (guitarist) in the 1980's. The band is still around today and just as strong as they were in the 80's. They are also my favorite band, you should listen to some of their old stuff...they're rea (MORE)

Will Bon Jovi be touring Australia in 2008?

Answer . Yes they will be! According to the band's website, Jon's fanclub website, Ticketek and Dainty Consolidated the dates will be as follows; . The legendary band will tour Australia in January, playing Melbourne's Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Saturday 19th January, Sydney's Acer Arena on (MORE)

Why doesn't Bon Jovi come to Israel?

Well, I believe that's a great idea. Maybe if enough people showed an interest in him going there he would. I guess people should start sending their requests to his web site.

Does Jon Bon Jovi have children?

Jon and Dorothea have four children: a daughter, Stephanie Rose(born May 31, 1993), and three sons, Jesse James Louis (born Feb19, 1995), Jacob Hurley (born May 7, 2002) and Romeo Jon (born Mar29, 2004)

Does Bon Jovi have aids?

Ur kidding me right!?!? wow.. who ever put the question down.. that is just not right!... i dont go around telling people taht you have aids!!!!

Is Bon Jovi good?

yes he is the best he is 45 so he has a very good voice for his age

Is Bon Jovi Missing?

Bon Jovi is not missing - thank god Bon jovi lives in New Jersey with his wife and 4 children

What time Does Bon Jovi start and finish in Manchester 22nd June?

it states on the ticket, gates open at 16.00. They go on stage approx 8.00pm and finish approx 10.30pm. There are two support acts, a local unsigned band and The Feeling. I think the Feeling go on at 6.30pm. Check the mcfc.co.uk website and click on the Bon Jovi link

What type of shoes does Jon Bon Jovi wear on stage?

For the most part, when the band is on tour he wears Black Allen Iverson's. They're basketball shoes. I used to have some when they were popular... VERY comfy. When Jon plays solo things though he wears Chelsea boots, not sure of a brand there though

Is there a Bon Jovi DVD for punchestown 2008?

there was a few bootlegs floating around of reasonable quality, nothing offical was released nor is it gonna happen. pity really as i was in the front row. you can still see alot of this conert on youtube though. hope this helps

Is Bon Jovi coming to Alabama?

he just played in gulf shores, and unless he makes some unexpected changes, he is not playing in Alabama again this year.. sorry pal

How can meet the Jon Bon Jovi?

If you join the fan club and get a travel package for a concert there may or may not be an opportunity to meet Jon, depending on the package.

What are the lyrics to Amazing by Bon Jovi?

AMAZING is not a Bon Jovi song, it is Aerosmith I kept the right ones out And let the wrong ones in Had an angel of mercy to see me through all my sins There were times in my life When I was goin' insane Tryin' to walk through The pain When I lost my grip And I hit the floor (MORE)

What time does Bon Jovi come onstage for the Circle Tour?

When I saw the concert in Kansas City, the opening act (Dashboard Confessional) started at exactly 7:30 p.m. They played for about 45 minutes, and then there was a 30-minute break. Bon Jovi took the stage at 8:45 p.m., and played until about 11:15 p.m. They sang 25 songs! Amazing concert!

What is a name of a Bon Jovi song?

-You give love a bad name. - living on a preyer - wanted dead or alive - bed of roses - you give love a bad name - bad medicine and the list goes on....

Lyrics of The Distance by Bon Jovi?

"The Distance" There's a train out in the distance, destination still unknown Far away where no one's waiting, so far from home, so far from home There's a rose outside your window, the first snow is falling down Like that lonesome whistle blowing I keep on going, keep on going... [Ch (MORE)

Does Slash hate Bon Jovi?

No, he is a really big fan. Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi guitarist) and Slash are really good friends.

What is the song Its your Life by Bon Jovi about?

its about not caring about what others think about you, and living life the way that you want to. about taking chances because your not going to live forever, so live the way you want to live your life. Its pretty understandable if you get the lyrics up and take each word in the form of a story inst (MORE)

What band was influential to Bon Jovi?

I believe they have several influences. 1 of them was The Beatles and if you look on youtube they did several Beatles's covers. They also have a podcast on iTunes on what songs influenced them.

Why do people enjoy Bon Jovi?

Some people enjoy Bon Jovi because of his music style and others, because of his lyrics. And possibly for his looks.

Did Jon Bon Jovi encounter hard times during his life?

Yes,When His Band First Became Famous,They Were Stuck In The Opening Band Position And That Worried Him Around The Time Of The Slippery When Wet Tour And The 1987 Monsters Of Rock Festival,Jon Faced The Physical And Emotional Burnout Into Which He Fell Very Ill And There Are Pictures Of Him On Th (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Bon Jovi 2008 Lost Highway - 2007?

The cast of Bon Jovi 2008 Lost Highway - 2007 includes: Torey Adkins as Door Guy Jon Bon Jovi as himself Anthony Brawner as Construction Worker Debbi Burns as Parent Michelle Higgins as Passenger in Traffic Jam Alec Holmes as Roadhouse Cowboy Angelina Lyubomirova as Gina Richie Sambora as himself Ti (MORE)