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Are repeated MRSA infections in a toddler serious?

  Resistance is Never Good   Absolutely. But this is a very vague question. MRSA or methicillin-resistant staphyloccus aureus (MRSA) is indeed serious in and of itsel (MORE)

What to do about a possible toddler yeast infection because toddler was left with babysitter who got medications mixed up and gave too much of an antibiotic.?

  I'd call his/her pediatrician and see if you can get a prescription for nystatin cream. They may want you to come in to verify it is yeast infection. Also, fyi that yeas (MORE)

What are symptoms of an ear infection in toddlers?

  Well you see here you will start to see oozing of the ears which just outrageous because that just crazy talk but really this can happen to your darling child or your 40 (MORE)

Can this medication be used on a toddler?

The answer to any question about whether adult medication can be used on children, is not without the approval of a licensed physician. Always check with your child's pediatri (MORE)