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Preferably, Wash your hands Before eating or handling food.
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Why do you pee?

you pee because you pee that's why! that is not why... it is much more complicated... you drink fluids... they go through a process where your body takes what it needs fro

Why do toads pee on you when you pick them up?

It is a defense tactic. For example, If a dog tries to eat the toad, the secretion tastes bad, and can also cause skin irritation. Also surprising some predators and unknowing

What is a toad?

A toad is a adorable creature with bumpy skin, short legs, no teeth, and lives mostly on land.    a toad is an anphibein that lives in swamps or pounds.    Toads are

Where can you pee?

Well if you are a boy, you can just pee anywhere:    On Buildings, on trees, on bushes, in water bottles, in a water fountain   (if you don't get caught)   In a

Can you get warts from a toad peeing on you?

No, not warts. Warts are only cause by a virus that the toads do not possess. You can get an infection or bacteria however. You can help preventing that by washing off where e

Why did you pee?

  You pee after drinking alot of water. When you drink the water, you only need so much and the extra water diegests and sits in your bladder until you empty it.

How do you get a toad?

Toads are usually found in gardens or yards in summer months. You can usually catch a toad during night time when they feed.

How do you get toad?

It depends on where you live, i live in Columbus Ohio, and found my toad in my backyard (and boy am i lucky!).
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Why are you peeing?

The body takes the stuff that you ate and if it can not be used as nutrients it turns into waste. (liquid waste and solid waste) Also you can only drink your urine 3 times be