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Preferably, Wash your hands Before eating or handling food.
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Why is a toad called a toad?

Because there are many key differences, which I can get from  another one of my answers due to how lenghty it would be to type it  all out. Toads have round bodies that are

Does toad pee make warts?

  Nope! Warts are caused by a virus that can only be passed from human to human. Toad 'pee' is actually a defense they use to startle a predator into dropping them so they

When toads pee on you do you get warts from their urine?

No, you don't. I have had TONS of toads urinate on me before, and I don't have one single wart! So that proofs, that if a toad pees on you, you do NOT get warts. Toads don't u

Why do you have to pee?

To eliminate waste from the blood. The kidneys take nitrogenous  wastes out of the blood and pull some water out as well to make  urine, which then flows down the ureters an

Why do toads pee on you when you pick them up?

It is a defense tactic. For example, If a dog tries to eat the toad, the secretion tastes bad, and can also cause skin irritation. Also surprising some predators and unknowing

Can you get warts from a toad peeing on you?

No, not warts. Warts are only cause by a virus that the toads do not possess. You can get an infection or bacteria however. You can help preventing that by washing off where e

How do you pee?

1. Walk up to toilet 2. Stick willy out. 3. Push hard. 4. Water turns yellow yayz :-D 5. Walk away. P.s - Don't pull flush. If your a Woman ten IDK cause I am Male.

How many toads will a pregnant toad have?

First off, toads do not get pregnant. They lay eggs and the male fertilizes them externally. A female toad may have hundreds of eggs ripe and ready to lay but none will be via

What is a toad?

A toad is a adorable creature with bumpy skin, short legs, no teeth, and lives mostly on land.    a toad is an anphibein that lives in swamps or pounds.    Toads are

Why is toad from Mario called toad?

Because toadstool is the sort of mushroom that is red with white spots, and he is white with red spots so his name is toad which is short for toadstool.

Why do we pee?

because we like to and we drink water :P ;p ;( happy the pee because if we dont pee, we would be filed with so much liquid it would come out through our eyes and the same

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What is pee?

Urine is the excretory product of the urinary system. It is the method by which urea and excess amino acids are removed from the body as well as other toxins. Urine is formed

How do you tell what kind of toad a toad is?

By color, size, and wart patterns. Sometimes it can be quite tricky, especially between the American toad and fowlers toad. The only way to tell on those two is that the fowle
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Can a toad live with another toad?

Well it depends if the toads get along if they do then yes if they dont then no. Yes but also, some toads actually do better in pairs, but yes they do have to be able to get

Is the common toad a frog or a toad?

It is a toad. The American toad is the common toad. There is also a common frog. Don't get them mixed up!   The same is true in the UK: we have common toads which are toads