What to do when you're being bullied?

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The first thing that you need to do if your being bullied is tell a trusted adult. But you NEVER should put your hands on another person. Especially if its the bully. There is never a need for violence. Try multiple times to tell the bully to stop. If when you tell a adult and they don't do any thing, tell a different adult and they don't do anything tell a teacher or a principal. If no adult is willing to help you and the bully won't stop don't show any emotion toward the bully. If you do it will only make it worse. That will tell them that they have complete power over you. So if none of this helps you then just ignore them.

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How do you stop being bullied?

Just tell a teacher or sometimes just hang arround with your mates the might defend you sometimes at least . Mate? are you an Aussie?

Who can you call if you're being bullied?

If you are being bullied you should talk to a teacher you feel comfortable talking to, or the school counselor, a friend you trust, or even your parents. You do NOT have to put up with bullying.

What should you do if you're a bully?

The only reason for that is if your missing something in your life and that is something you should fix right away. Find something you like to do other than pick on little kids who didn't do anything to you. Other things you could do is see someone about your problems. Maybe you don`t have a problem (MORE)

How do you get over being falsely accused of bullying by the bully when you're both adults at work?

You probably won't fully forgive the person who is accusing you of this, but the most you CAN do is just keep trying and keep telling everyone that you are innocent. If you can, gather evidence of things that have happened to prove you aren't a bully. Being falsely accused of such things is a devast (MORE)

What do you do if your being a bullie?

If your being bullied, Please, tell someone! It doesn't matter if there not family, someone you trust is good enough. If you want to deal with it yourself, try to stand up to the bully, but don't bully them back, because you would be just as as bad. Anymore questions ? want advice ? C (MORE)

How can you tell if someone is being bullied?

Easy. If someone is acting depressed, and has everyone staring at them. I was a victim and I felt this way. Moving to CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS helps to prevent this. I had theses experiences, and I know the truth.

What to do if you're being cyber bullyed?

Report it. . Change your contacts if possible. . Change your email, Face book, myspace etc.. The easiest way to get away from cyber bullying is to distance yourself from the problem areas. I don't mean run and hide but take actions to avoid the problem.

How does being bullied make you feel?

I get bullied and I feel like crap, like I'm not good enough, I have a really low self esteem and I get really scared when anyone that bullies me is around... I feel like a scared little girl, and I'm in 9th grade... My most common moods now are sadness and terrified.. I also have anxiety.. And the (MORE)

What are the signs of someone being bullied?

depression, quietness, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, low morale, school grades going down, and so on. Mainly the signs are 1. A light look on the face like they are trying to smile but not 2. person would spend a lot of the time moping or hibernating in their room 3. Mood swings 4 (MORE)

What do you call a person who is being bullied?

A victim or someone who is being bullied. However, many peopledecried the term "victim" because it creates a "victim mentality".The victim feels more victimized, and helpless. So then,professionals suggested using the terms "target" and being"targeted". But "victim-targets" said the term "target" ma (MORE)

What does being a cyber bully mean?

It means that you bully people through the Internet. Sometimes it's nasty comments, sometimes it's threats. Basically, it means insulting someone through the Internet.

Is it possible to lose memories of being bullied from being bullied?

It is very possible to lose pieces of your memory that become too traumatic to deal with. If you are finding that loss is strong enough that it is disturbing you then I'd suggest going to a psychiatrist. Loss of memory can lead to a dissociative state where you just unplug from life. It is a physica (MORE)

What should you do if you're getting bullied?

first of all, you never should fight back. that could get you in big trouble. The best thing you can do is get an adult. If the bullying continues, get an adult again. repeating this will draw the bully away no you should never kill yourself. tell someone you trust that you are getting bullied and t (MORE)

What to do if you are being cyber bullied?

Report it. If it is happening on a social networking website, or a forum, for example, report it to the website (you will find appropriate email address/help section in their FAQ). If it is happening on WikiAnswers then inform a supervisor. If you are being cyberbullied on an IM program or somewhere (MORE)

What can you do if you are being bullied at class?

Some people bully because they think that you're the type of person who wont stand up for yourself. If somebody bullies you then stand up for yourself, tell them that they're a bully and they can get stuffed and you don't care what they say and appear like you don't even though you do. Bullies want (MORE)

What is the problem with being bullied?

It can cause the person being bullied to take their life away because they can't take it anymore. People only talk about the negative side to bullying but they never mention the positives. Yes, there are positives. By being bullied it teaches you about real life and how not everyone is your friend. (MORE)

What should you do if you're bullied?

If you are bullied, this should be reported to a teacher or authority figure immediately. Bullies are made brave by their targets' weakness so it is important to take action.

How do kids deal with being bullied?

If bullies insult your clothing say, "FYI, it's a free country, and does it matter what i wear? As long as i'm healthy, happy, have good grades and good friends, i'm FINE. Anyway, why would you care what wear?" or "That's your opinion"

What do to when being bullied at school?

To prevent bullying. Stay away of bullies. And if you are being bullied,dont rely on a friend to back you up! Tell a teacher or adult. They will sort it out but don't lie,it makes things worse!

What should you do if you are being bullied at school?

Just leave and tell a teacher or principal if it dont work do self defence if your not scared Nobody likes bullies so just report them to teachers. Tell the teachers what has been happening or is happening and they should deal with it so it stops. The Head Teacher or Principal is a good place to s (MORE)

What if you're the bully?

Stop. Observe your behaviour and ask yourself how the other person might feel. Apologize. Walk away.

What can you do about being bullied in work?

if this is happening at work than you can and should tell your boss that's the easy way out but if the person is really hearting you in a violent way i would tell the boss then call the cops because ya if your an adult and someone is hurting you its against the law

What to do when being verbally bullied?

i would try to ignore it because if someone is bulling you its because they have problems at home or because they just cant find a way of having friends but if you try to stay away from the person that will help you but you can also just try to ignore them

Can you get unemployment for quitting if you are being bullied?

nope.... there are laws i heard in some states against bully boss, but you would never win unless you have proof and MAJOR PROOF.. but stick in there, get transfered or ignore it. i work were there is bully boss, i finally relized you wont win so i started built me a imaginary wall when they come ar (MORE)

How can being a bully effect the bully?

Bulling can affect the bully in many ways. When bullies bully they may do it to boost their self-esteem. If they find something wrong with you then they will think they are better. It may not make sense at first, but try to put yourself in the bully's shoes. Otherwise they just do it because they ju (MORE)

What do you if you're being bullied?

Well for starters tell the bully to stop then tell your parents and friends get invovled. Then if its on FaceBook or like myspace or youtube reort it to the abuse link and if they think if its nesssary they will shut the page down also if your threatend by a bully report it to the police and it can (MORE)

How can you convince your teacher you are being bullied?

well you tell them and if they don't believe you then go to your schools Principal and tell Him or her who your bullied by what there saying or doing and that should take care of it but or tell your parents and they will talk to the school When two people make conflicting claims, such as when you sa (MORE)

Who can you tell if your being bullied?

You can tell any adult that you can trust. A teacher, a school faculty member, your parents, your grandparents, or other family. Do not hesitate. Take the matter to these people, because it must be stopped. adult you trust,Best friend,Cyber mentor LIKE ME I AM A CYBER MENTOR YOU CAN TALK TO ME JUST (MORE)

How can you help a kid who is being bullied?

When a child is being bullied you need to let them know that your there for them. When a kid is being bullied the dont trust people. Gane there trust and everthing will be ok.

What should you do if a relative is being bullied?

Stand up for your relative! Don't just sit there all scared! Be BRAVE!! 1.First if you know the bully's parents,tell them. 2.If he still bullies,tell the teacher. 3.If he still bullies,tell the principal. 4.If he does the same thing,tell the DISD. 5.If he does.............CALL the cops!! 6.St (MORE)

Where can you find help if your being bully?

If it is happening at school, speak to one of the teachers that you can trust or if you don't feel confident that you can talk to a teacher, tell your parents and ask them to speak to your teacher. You MUST tell someone - nobody should have to suffer like that.

What is you're bullying story?

In my school, there are many events that happen dealing with bullying. One of my biggest problems was about the hockey team I like. People were saying swears and really mean things about it to me.......even my close friends. I guess its normal for this happen because everyone has opinions but it's n (MORE)

What to do if your being bullyed?

Tell someone - anyone. Best to tell an adult. Don't be scared that it will get worse, it will only get better if someone knows about it....

Why was Jason vorhees being bullied?

because it seemed like people hated him because of what he lookedlike so they wanted to bully him so he would he bad and so theykilled him and he just got revenge.