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What to expect after gall bladder surgery?

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The gallbladder is an essential component in your body's ability to process certain foods, especially those with high fat content like meats, cheeses and butter. The gallbladder does this through its ability to store something called bile. Bile is actually generated in the liver, not the gallbladder. The liver is not able to produce bile "on demand," so it stores bile in the gallbladder in preparation for the next meal.

In addition to caring for your wound(s) after gallbladder surgery, one of the most important short-term and long-term considerations for good health is to eat right. After gallbladder surgery, you will need to avoid any foods that have even a little bit of fat, at least right away. Even a buttery role could make you double over in pain, at least for some surgery patients. However, the good news is that, over time your body will adjust to the new conditions and you will likely be able to slowly start incorporating fats back into your diet. For more, checkout: http://www.squidoo.com/diet-after-gall-bladder-surgery.
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Will Medicaid pay for gall bladder surgery?

  Answer   It depends on your situation and what state that you live in. I live in North Carolina and they paid for my Mom to have hers taken out. Good luck and Go

What is the average price of gall bladder surgery?

The cost varies based on facility, surgeon, outpatient vs inpatient, where you are in the US, etc. For example, in 2005, Utah averaged $5,851 for the outpatient procedure.

How soon can you return to work after gall bladder surgery?

Usually doc's say after a week, unless you do heavy lifting or laboring at your job.   MY EXPERIENCE...   I returned to work at a manual labor job after only 2 weeks. (T

What does the bile from the gall bladder do?

Bile is produced in the liver and is stored in the the gall bladder. When fatty foods move from the stomach into the small intestine, bile is released into the small intestine

Can you eat eggs after gall bladder surgery?

  I had my gall bladder removed about a year and half ago. Eggs are the one food that I cannot eat without having to run to the bathroom shortly after eating them. I get v

How do you spell gall bladder?

The human digestive system organ is the gall bladder.

What causes gall stone and is it in gall bladder?

Gall stones are indeed inside the gall bladder. They are buildups of cholesterol that over time bind together and form small 'stones' the size of small pebbles. About 60% of a

What to expect during gall bladder and liver scan?

The technician will have a large wand with a metal ball on the end.  You will lie flat on the table, and they will squirt some jelly on  your abdomen, and press the metal ba