What to wear in barbados?

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Swimwear is restricted to beaches/pools. You should wear a t. shirt and shorts/skirt when going into town, etc. Most restaurants require male diners to wear a shirt with a collar and trousers (not jeans).

Temperature in Barbados is usually warm all year round, so light clothing will do. You may wish to take a light jumper/cardigan for the evenings, especially if on Atlantic coast, as whilst it's not cold, it can get a bit breezy!

Rain is not normally a problem, but a kagool or umbrella won't take up much room in your case.

I'd also advise you get some deck shoes or rubber wetsuit shoes for when going in the sea, as there are sea urchins and they hurt like mad if you step on them. If you do, get some lime on it asap - locals or bars will be happy to help.
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