What tools did the homo sapien sapiens used?

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at the last period he invented iron which was based into 5000 years ago .To the question you know that this is the stage that we are in according to my archeological theory the tools were the combination of the the most sophisticated stages which i early mentioned this: are fire, iron and wood this three are entirely used now from weapons to other house hold items
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What kind of tools did homo sapiens use?

Homo Sapient is the species of modern man, in other words us. So for tools we can claim everything from stone tools and animal bones to nuclear weapon and computers like the o

What tools do Homo Sapiens use?

Homo Sapiens are people. So the tools they use range from wrenchesand hammers to cellphones and tablet computers.

How did homo sapiens make the tools?

\n. \nWell, it is possible that they rubbed two rocks together, back and forth to make them sharp.\nHomo sapiens sapiens are modern humans and that means that they use the sa

What weapons did homo sapiens sapiens use?

homo sapiens is the scientific term (genus and species) for human beings. Human beings have used everything for weapons from pointy sticks and rocks to nuclear weapons. Could