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What tools do lawyers use?

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Usally, you see lawyers with a brief case and things like that. In court, lawyers would obviously need the papers for their case that they are working on.
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What tools do lawyers need?

You will need your suitcase. A notebook a schedule book and alot of notes about the case. evidence. utensils to write with notebooks

How is math used in being a lawyer?

You must be able to problem solve. Also you need to calculate percentages, deal with intrest rates, and proportions. Follow me on instagram! danielle_2112

How do lawyers use technology?

Full text search databases  * Electronic Filing of papers  * Word processors  * Billing Databases  * Internet connectivity to case law  * Cell phones  * Fax machines  *

What do lawyers use?

  Experienced and qualified lawyers use the service www.lawyerahead.com to find cases, connect with clients and colleagues alike. Check it out.

Are computers required tools for a lawyer?

  Computers are a required tool of any profession in the 21st century. Gaining access to "Black's Law" for instance is done by computer. What attorney would not want to ac

What are tools used for lawyers?

Brain, a computer with a good word processing program and access to a legal case law data base is extremely helpful, as is a phone. Traditionally telephone fax machines were u

What type of math does lawyer use?

Lawyers are not required to be mathematicians, but they do have cases that require pretty basic mathematics. Cases involving http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Do_lawyers_use_math_in_t