What tour and travel insurance companies offer travel insurance for the Indians for travelling in India for official personal holiday purposes Which is the best company?

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Many people travel overseas or maker air travel for getting free medical care. They would even want to have babies overseas to attain foreign citizenship for their babies. Having travel insurance or air trip insurance will help the embassies to keep tabs on the activities of these foreign nationals to their country.
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What are good travel insurance companies?

\n. \nIf you're located in the USA you can find good companies by going to one of the travel insurance comparison web sites. Each one of them has done a review of the companies and will only list companies that are good and that are nationally recognized.

Is Travelers insurance a good company?

I used to work there. They treat their employees badly. Upper level management is completely out of touch with what's really going on and don't care. What do they care about? The dollars! Making money. They push their CSR's harder and harder every day until they all are now looking for other jobs. T (MORE)

What company sells the cheapest travel insurance?

World Nomads Insurance seems to be one of the cheapiest companies for travel insurance. Square mouth also has reasonable rates. But be sure to compare for yourself as rates are subject to change.

What is an online travel insurance company?

One on line Travel Insurance Company would be Total Travel Insurance. One might like to look into that if they are traveling once they book a trip. It guards against them losing money they have paid for the trip should an illness arise and they are unable to make that trip. There is also Internation (MORE)

What companies offer student travel insurance in Canada?

There are a number of reputable companies that offer travel insurance to students, including Canadians. You should shop around and price compare to find the best coverage and best price. One such company is Travel Underwrites.

Is there a specific company for travel insurance coverage?

"There are many different travel insurance companies. Depending on the country you will be visiting, you can find travel insurance quotes and coverage. Travel agents may be able to provide you with a list of companies that offer travel insurance for your destination. They may also be able to provide (MORE)

What companies offer adventure travel insurance?

"Adventure travel insurance is great for those who love traveling and doing out-door adventures. Some of the insurance companies that offer adventure travel insurance are Travel Guard by Chartis, Lonely Planet, and Columbus Direct."

What companies provide travel health insurance?

If traveling out of the country it is good to get travel health insurance as your local health insurance will most likely not cover you abroad. Some companies that provide travel health insurance are FrontierMEDEX, Gobal Underwriters, HTH Worldwide, IMG, Travel Guard, and of course these are just a (MORE)

What are some companies that offer cheap travel insurance?

Out on a holiday? It's a smart idea to get insured. Some reliable and budget friendly travel insurance companies include Travel Guard, Travelex Insurance Services, and Travel Insured International. Travel Guard is lenient about cancellations, Travelex caters to those with pre-existing medical condit (MORE)

Which companies offer travel insurance for people over 80?

The following companies offer travel insurance to people over the age of 80: Explorer, Avanti and Planet Earth Due to the higher age of the traveler the insurance prices might be rather high, however they do still offer insurance to those over 80.

What companies offer international travel health insurance?

Most insurance companies offer international travel healthinsurance. One can also find online sites where one can get a quoteor purchase international travel health insurance. Some sites whereone can find this type of insurance are eHealthInsurance, and the"medixassist" websites. There are dedicate (MORE)

What is a good travel insurance company for travelling to Europe?

The best insurance companies for travel is really a personal preference. It usually a good idea to check with the credit card company that you are using if they provide some form of free coverage when purchasing travel arrangement via that credit card before spending extra on insurance coverage as t (MORE)

Which companies offer group travel insurance?

Some companies that offer travel insurance include Access America, American Express, CSA Travel Protection, MH Ross Travel Insurance Services, Travel Guard, and TravelSafe Insurance.

What companies offer international travel medicine insurance?

There are many companies that offer international travel medicine insurance. Among these companies is All Aboard Benefits, Kanetix, IM Global, MEDEX and Atlas Travel. Most insurance companies do in fact offer international travel medicine insurance. If you wish to obtain more information on any spec (MORE)

Which Canadian companies offer travel insurance?

There are a sizable selection of Canadian companies that offer travel insurance. RBC (Royal Bank) is the most popular travel insurance in Canada, however PC travel insurance is highly recommended for their affordable comprehensive and single trip plans.

Which companies offer instant travel insurance?

When going on a trip, you want to make sure you have travel insurance. This ensures that if anything happens to you while in the air, then you have insurance to back you up. They have several different ones including: Tata AIG General, Guard, Squaremouth, etc.

Which companies offer travel insurance foe over 65s?

Some companies that offer travel insurance for people over 65 include Flexicover, Staysure, and Barclays. However each of these also have their own max age cutoff points such as 75, 85, and 79 so be sure to research each before you make a choice.

What companies offer mobile phone insurance when travelling to the UK?

Most of the phone companies like AT&T or Verizon offer their own insurances for your phones for both local or international travel. Some stores also offer like RadioShack or BestBuy sometimes offer insurance on your for your phone. But there are also countless other companies that offer mobile phon (MORE)

Which travel companies offer tours of Prague?

Martin Tour, located in the Czech Republic, offers sightseeing tours of Prague. They offer the tours in 25 languages. Additionally there are boating tours of Prague available through them as well.

What companies offer the cheapest travel insurance?

One can learn which companies offer the cheapest travel insurance by comparing rates at the Squaremouth website. One may also compare rates at Insure My Trip, Money Supermarket, Quote Wright and Travel Insurance Review.