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What traditions do Italians have?

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Italians put up Nativity Scenes at Christmas time.
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What is traditional italian clothes?

Italian clothes are  mostly long dresses for ladies and they very unique and fashionable  and I prefer a particular online store that offers Italian  clothes in a reasonabl

Why is pasta an Italian traditional food?

Probably because Italians "adopted" it and began to develop new ways of preparing and dressing it. It became the basis of Italian diet and there is no typical meal in Italy

Traditional Italian dishes?

Pizza isn't actually a traditional dish. It is a popular dish.  Same goes with pasta, lasagna, and spaghetti bolognese. Traditional dishes are: Carbonara Cataloni Risotto and

What is traditional italian food?

in every city in Italy there are several foods.. i live in rome and the traditional food for excellence is Bucatini Amatriciana: Spaghetti with sauce of tomato, Pecorino (ita

What clothes do traditional Italians wear?

Answer #1   I can give you some information but there is no traditional Italian clothing. In Japan, for example, a typical traditional dress is the kimono. But in Italy,

What is the traditional name for an Italian restaurant?

Trattoria is a traditional Italian equivalent of the English word "restaurant." Specifically, the Italian word is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article la means