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What traditions do Italians have?

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Italians put up Nativity Scenes at Christmas time.
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What are traditional Italian Christmas outfits?

The traditional Christmas outfits for men are white long sleeveshirts with collars. On top of that shirt they wear a knitted brownvest with ragged lines on them. They top the

What is traditional italian clothes?

Italian clothes aremostly long dresses for ladies and they very unique and fashionableand I prefer a particular online store that offers Italianclothes in a reasonable price

Italian customs and traditions?

Some of the customs of Italy include Festa Della Repubblica,Ferragosto, and Presepe. Some of the country's customs includesaying buongiorno and shaking hands when introduced t

What is a traditional Italian dinner?

The traditional Italian dinner includes (at a minimum, and all served with wine):\n. \n1. L'antipasto (an assortment of appetizer meats, cheeses, olives and such served wit

What does traditional Italian food consist of?

Pasta, cheese, and pizza. If you were looking for herbs they arebasil and cilantro

What are some Italian Christmas traditions?

The link below has some specifically Italian customs:. People do all kinds of things. At first they have a cannon fired in rome from the Castle of Saint Angelo.They have a la

Why do Italians wear traditional clothes?

Each region of Italy has traditions . Italians love their country, their language, and their region. They like to respect the traditions of their families and friends. The tr