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A tree that offers ready, safe access to food and that includes safe, comfortable living conditions for setting up a home is what tree squirrels [Sciuridae family] look for.

In terms of food, tree squirrels prefer access to nuts such as acorns, almonds, hickories, osage oranges, and walnuts. In terms of fruits and vegetables, they look to avocados, cherries, corn, oranges, pears, strawberries, and tomatoes. But they also consider such 'Plan B' food sources as tree buds, blossoms and bark; insects; and animal matter.

In terms of living conditions, tree squirrels like the safety of cavities or hollows in tree trunks. But they make do by enlarging abandoned flicker or woodpecker holes. They also turn to building their balloon shaped, spherical nests of bark, leaves and sticks high up in trees with dense foliage and sturdy, tall branches.

Whether the particular tree choice is hardwood or conifer depends upon the type of tree squirrel. Generally, the favored trees are pines, oaks, maples, and hickories. Specifically, the Douglas [Tamiasciurus douglasii] and the tassel eared tree [Sciurus aberti] squirrels favor such conifers as jack or Ponderosa pines. But they give serious consideration to paper birch trees.

Eastern [Sciurus carolinensis] and Western [Sciurus griseus] gray squirrels prefer clusters of oak trees or areas of mixed oak and pine trees.

Flying [Pteromyini or Petauristini tribe] squirrels like their tree homes near bluebird nests and boxes. That means oak trees before the ravages of the Gypsy moth caterpillar and Sudden oak tree decline. But they accept many tree homes that meet their carnivorous appetites for bird eggs and nestlings.

Fox [Sciurus niger] squirrels prefer hickory and oak trees in the western United States of America, and loblolly pine in the southeast.
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