What triangles will form a kite?

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Any two triangles which are a mirror image of each other will form a kite if their long sides are brought together.
A kite is a special kind of quadrilateral, that is, a shape with four sides and four vertices. A kite can be made with 4 right triangles.
Right angled triangles
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Where can 'Kite Runner' be read in e-book form?

Kite Runner is still a fairly new book, so it is not yet available in the public domain. This means that it cannot be read for free online legally. However, it can be purchas

How is a triangle formed?

A triangle is formed by three straight lines and has three interior angles that add up to 180 degrees.

Can a kite be an acute triangle?

No because it is a quadrilateral Answer: Kites can be made in any simple shape (triangle, rectangle, tetrahedron, circle, etc.) or even complex forms (birds, dragons, sai
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How does a triangle form?

a triangle is formed by line segments that connect twonon-collinear points
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How do you divide a hexagon into 1 kite and 2 isosceles triangles using 2 lines?

1. Pick any vertex corner point on the hexagon 2. Draw straight line, going clockwise, to corner point skipping the corner point next to where you started 3. From the new
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Is a triangle a kite?

No. A kite is a quadrilateral (4 sided figure) with two pairs ofadjacent sides of equal length; its diagonals are perpendicular. A triangle has 3 sides.