What turkey says gobble gobble?

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Only turkeys in English speaking countries are said to say "gobble gobble" (see list.) While this looks like turkeys speak different languages in different countries it really means that turkeys have their "turkey noise" written down in a different manner by people speaking in different languages.
In other countries their noise is interpreted in as:

Afrikaans: Kalkoen kloek.
Albanian: krrull krrull
Danish: Kalkunen klukker.
English: gobble gobble
Esperanto: glu-glu-glu
French: glouglou
Hebrew: Tarnegoley hodu mekarkerim.
Montenegrin: glu-glu
Portuguese (Portugal): glugluglugluglu
Turkish: glu glu
Ukrainian: glyu-glyu
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How do turkeys gobble?

Turkeys use their throat to make the gobble sound. Only the maleturkey will make the gobble sound, the female makes a clickingnoise.

Why does a turkey gobble?

There is different reasons why a turkey gobbles..... when it sees or hears a hen (female turkey) make sounds such as yelps or clucks they gobble to attract and to tell the oth
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Why do turkeys always go gobble gobble gobble?

Well, you know when they shake their heads when they do it? They're trying to tell us not to gobble gobble gobble them for Christmas dinner. Or something. Who cares. I feel a
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How do you say gobble in turkey?

Unless you practice and/or have good vocal cords, it is very hard for us to speak turkey, just like it is hard for an animal to speak human. You can try speaking wolf, that's
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Why do turkeys say gobble gobble gobble?

It's their way of communicating with each other. OR IS IT SOMETHING MORE? Turkeys could be planning an attack on the White House for no making them the United States' na