What turkey says gobble gobble?

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In Turkeys
Only turkeys in English speaking countries are said to say "gobble gobble" (see list.) While this looks like turkeys speak different languages in different countries it really means that turkeys have their "turkey noise" written down in a different manner by people speaking in different languages.
In other countries their noise is interpreted in as:

Afrikaans: Kalkoen kloek.
Albanian: krrull krrull
Danish: Kalkunen klukker.
English: gobble gobble
Esperanto: glu-glu-glu
French: glouglou
Hebrew: Tarnegoley hodu mekarkerim.
Montenegrin: glu-glu
Portuguese (Portugal): glugluglugluglu
Turkish: glu glu
Ukrainian: glyu-glyu
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When do turkeys gobble the most?

Well, according to gobbling rates of November 4, 2008, when Sarah Palin had an interview in front of a slaughterhouse where they were killing a turkey, rates have steadily decreased as the turkey is being killed for enjoyment of our family. But, some turkeys get their average 5 minutes of fame (comp (MORE)

Do all turkeys gobble?

Only male turkeys gobble and are therefore known as gobblers. Females, known as hens, cluck and click.

Why do male turkeys gobble?

Male turkeys gobble to attract female turkeys during the breeding season. Gobbling also leads to fighting over females and males wanting chase off the competition, home in on other gobbling and displaying males.

Do female chickens have gobbles?

I am assuming you mean the red things hanging under the "chin" of the hen. Yes, they are called wattles, the puffy red things on the top of the head are called combs. Both these features can be single or double.

What is a turkeys gobble used for?

it is used to gobble at eggs that dis the turkey. They only use it as a defence weapon as it stuns the attacker then they savagely rip the predator appart.

How do turkeys gobble?

Turkeys use their throat to make the gobble sound. Only the maleturkey will make the gobble sound, the female makes a clickingnoise.

Why does a turkey gobble?

There is different reasons why a turkey gobbles..... when it sees or hears a hen (female turkey) make sounds such as yelps or clucks they gobble to attract and to tell the other gobblers to back off... when a crow crows in the mourning the gobbler gobbles to show dominants because they are naturally (MORE)

Do male or female turkeys make the gobbling sounds?

While often confused with a 'gobble', the female turkey emits a certain high pitched mating sound moreso than the male, which does the gobbling. The reason for this is very much the same as humans, women are annoying.. While often confused with a 'gobble', the female turkey emits a certain high pit (MORE)

What is the gobble used for by the male turkey?

A turkey's gobble is the SOUND it makes. The red thing on a maleturkey's face and neck is called a wattle, not a gobble. It is usedto attract females for mating. When a male turkey is trying toattract a female, his wattle will turn a deeper red color.

Why does a male turkey gobble?

Male turkeys gobble for several reasons. They gobble to warn off predators, to warn their flock of uninvited guests, and to attract the female.

When do turkeys gobble most?

If this is a riddle, the answer is: when they are most hungry. ~I'm not certain whether males and/or female turkeys make the gobbling sound.

What's the point of gobbling?

Well for us nothing but to Turkeys it attracts mates and who everhas the biggest gobble gets to eat the biggest female....... sweg

Why do turkys gobble?

Male turkeys make a sound that we refer to as a gobble. It is a way that they communicate with each other.

Do all turkeys gobble all year?

yes they do. at lest mine do I have 6 white turkey and the male is the on that gobles the hens just comunicate with each other.

Is gobbled an adverb?

No, it is a verb. Adverbs specify where, when, to what extent, in what way, or howoften.

Where is the scroll in the gobbling gluttons?

The scroll is on the ground next to the 3 barrels of water where the man is filling a jug, to the right of them, it is sitting right beside the foot of the man carrying a big blue fruit, it's almost directly in the center of the whole picture.

What is a gobbly goo?

From my understanding, it is a small approximately 3 or 4 feet tall super natural being that is an evil presence. But I am still trying to find out more. I have a co worker who claims to see them often around the area of her and her neighbors yard. She hates them. They show up as black figures and a (MORE)

Where is waldo in gobbling gluttons?

Waldo is on the top half of the screen...scan the top for a spaghetti table. If you have already found the man tied up in spaghetti it should be whereever the man is. Then when you find the spaghetti table, look right below it. Waldo showld be right there. If you don't see him, that's okay because h (MORE)

Why do turkeys always go gobble gobble gobble?

Well, you know when they shake their heads when they do it? They're trying to tell us not to gobble gobble gobble them for Christmas dinner. Or something. Who cares. I feel a dance coming on...

How do you say gobble in turkey?

Unless you practice and/or have good vocal cords, it is very hard for us to speak turkey, just like it is hard for an animal to speak human. You can try speaking wolf, that's A LOT easier.

Why do tukeys gobble?

It's the relation of why a dog barks - its the turkey's way of speaking to other turkeys. The gobble is to the turkey as the bark is to the dog.

Why do turkeys say gobble gobble gobble?

It's their way of communicating with each other. OR IS IT SOMETHING MORE? Turkeys could be planning an attack on the White House for no making them the United States' national bird and symbol! They lost to the eagle, their current enemy. Why are eagles disappearing? Is it hunters? No. Is it tu (MORE)

Where is Odlaw in gobbling gluttons?

you basically answered this one yourself the oddlaw is in gobbling gluttons? duhh If you found the uneven pies right next to it on the bottom left there should be people carrying pancakes Odlaw is right next to one of them

Where is odlaw at the gobbling gluttons?

Right next to the paper explaining what to do/find near the people to the right, there is that blue thing, and then people carrying plates/ pancake looking things; he is to the right of one of the plate/pancake holders.

When does the turkey start gobbleing?

The turkey can gobble all day, but it gobbles the most in the early morning, specifically at day break. They can also gobble right before it gets dark out at night, when they're in their roosting trees.

A poke in the eye gobbling gluttons?

The poke in the eye is by the top left corner or the opened scroll, a chef with a red striped hat and a blue striped apron is poking a guy with a red beard in the eye.

Is gobbled a regular past tense verb?

Yes :PPP Additional Information: A regular past tense in English ends a verb in ed. An irregular but still common is an internal change: swim, swam, have swum; come, came, have come. A few very irregular verbs exist: is, was, has been, and used to be.

How do you kill a fwabble gobble?

First, you call alina and she will bring her mangos. Then, she will take her net capture then Fwabble gobble. After that, she will bring the fwabble gobble to her gas chambers and gas it, soon it will be dead and then she will send it to the creamation center

Is gobbled an adjective?

It can be (gobbled food). The verb gobble can mean to wolf downfood, or to make a turkey sound.

What is a sentence using the word gobbling?

The sound of turkey hens gobbling in the forest just sets a hunter's heart afire. The little heathens were gobbling their food so fast that they scattered food all over the kitchen floor.

Why did the snake almost gobble you in your dream?

The snake symbolizes some problem or something you fear in real life. The dream suggests that you are afraid of being "devoured" or consumed by this problem. Alternatively, the dream might reflect your having barely escaped from something you thought might destroy you.

What are some synonyms for 'gobble'?

There are plenty of synonyms for the word "gobble". These words include devour, gorge, scarf, suck up, swallow, guzzle, gulp, cram, nibble, and there are a few more.