What two countries did you drop two atomic bombs on?

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Nuclear weapons have only been used in combat on Japan.
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Why did they choose those two cities to drop the atomic bombs on?

Answer . Lists of Japanese cities eligible to bet A-bomb targets were made up by Leslie Groves for the Secretary of War Stimson. Groves wanted cities that had not been heavily damaged by U.S. B29 raids so that the level of damage created by the A-bomb could be accurately studied. Stimson wanted t (MORE)

Why were the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan called Little Boy and Fat Man?

Because of their shapes. In the plutonium bomb the plutonium was inthe shape of a sphere and shaped explosive charges were placedaround it to drive the sphere into itself and start the nuclearreaction. This configuration gave the bomb a stubby, rounded shape,hence the name Fat Man . In the uranium (MORE)

Why did the US drop two atomic bombs on Japan rather than just one?

Japan would not surrender after the first one was dropped, sothey dropped the second one. . By dropping the second so quickly, the Americans bluffed theJapanese into thinking the Americans had a huge supply of theseweapons. . Had they known that just one or two more were ready, the Japanesemight (MORE)

Why were two bombs dropped on Japan?

Hundreds of thousands of bombs were dropped on Japan. Only twoatomic bombs were dropped. As in all warfare, bombing is designedto destroy the enemy's ability to resist.

Why were the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan?

Answer . The simpelest answer is that the US had two bombs available at that time in history and was seeking the fastest way to end WW2 without invading Japan and risking the tremendous causalties such actions might produce.

Were there only two Atomic bombs dropped?

Not only 2 nuclear bombs havebeen dropped. Lots have been dropped to test the effect. However, only 2 has been dropped in war. They were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (both Japanese cities).

What two atomic bombs were dropped in japan?

A MK-I uranium gun bomb, codenamed Little Boy . A MK-III plutonium implosion bomb, codenamed Fat Man 21 more implosion bombs were scheduled for production and delivery in 1945 had Japan not surrendered.

How many casualties did the Japanese suffer after the US dropped two atomic bombs on japan?

The casualties from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs combined ran at about 250,000 killed immediately in the blast, with about 100,000 dying from radiation poisoning or injuries in the weeks and months that followed. Victims continued to perish of cancer or radiation poisoning for years following th (MORE)

What president gave the order to drop two atomic bombs on Japan?

Harry S. Truman (May 8, 1884 - December 26, 1972) was the thirty-third President of the United States (1945-1953).. Truman was quickly briefed on the Manhattan Project and authorized use of atomic weapons against the Japanese in August 1945, after Japan did not accept [48] the Potsdam De (MORE)

What countries were involved in the Dropping of the Atomic Bomb?

The nuclear bomb was first partially developed by the Germans.. British Intel located a number of documents and were able to produce a small scale device and tested it in a Cornwall Mine.. The US were given details of the British device and with the assistance of the UK and two German scientists, (MORE)

What was the impact of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bombings of (1945). The atomic bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 represents arguably the most important and most sinister development in warfare in the 20th century. THOUGH; more people died in the conventional bombing of Tokyo, the a (MORE)

How long was the time span between the two atomic bomb droppings on Japan?

3 days: August 6 to August 9. A third bomb was ready and in San Francisco on August 18 and couldprobably have been dropped on or about August 25 had the Japanesenot signaled on August 14 their intention to surrender. In total the US had facilities and scheduled production to make 23atomic bombs an (MORE)

When did President Truman give the order to drop the two atomic bombs on Japan?

The authorizations were all made in May 1945 , when theTarget List was prepared and the orders to "use the atomic bombs onJapan as they become available". As the Trinity Test had not yetbeen done, only the simpler MK-I "Little Boy" type atomic bomb wascertain to work. It was unlikely that more than (MORE)

Pros for dropping two atomic bombs on hiroshima?

It got Emperor Hirohito to finally surrender. Hirohito would have kept on fighting until the entire Japanese race died had he not realized the US could have wiped them out completely and he would have broken his vow to protect and preserve his family throne. . The bombs cause the deaths of around (MORE)

Why did the US decide to drop two atomic bombs on japan?

The bombing is still, over 65 years after it happened, a prettycontroversial decision. The official answer is that PresidentTruman ordered the bombings to end the war quickly and decisively. In the Allied conferences near the end of the war, it was decidedthat the Axis nations needed to fully surre (MORE)

What were the two opposing sides on dropping the atomic bomb?

The two main sides during WW2 were: . use to attack Japan . demonstrated to Japan Of those advocating for a demonstration there were two main sides: . dropping the bomb over the ocean just off Japan's coast withinsight of a major city, e.g. Tokyo . setting up a tower shot like trinity on an (MORE)

What were the main reason us dropped the atomic bomb in the two city of japan?

reason-1. USA (and its allied forces) wanted to punish Japan andJapan to be capitulized; reason-2 to show USA has acheived a realexplodable atomic bomb reason-3 USA to see the after effects of bomb blast 2nd Answer: None of the above is true. The two bombs were dropped to preventmass death when the (MORE)

Which two cities did Americans drop atomic bomb on?

On August 6th and 9th 1945, the US dropped 2 atomic bombs onto Japan which caused just over 200,000 people dead and many more scared from life. The 2 cities which the atomic bombs were dropped on were Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What casualties did Japan suffer after the US dropped the two atomic bombs on Japan?

About the same as happened in two of the 500 to 1000 planeconventional firebombing raids, several of which happened every night . This came to about 100,000 each. Had thesurrender not happened both the conventional and atomic bombingswould have continued until it did. The US had plans and producti (MORE)