What two digit number is three times the sum of its digits?

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What is the sum of a two digit number less the sum of its digits?

There exist no numbers which are less than the sum of their digits. This is obvious for single digit numbers, since each number would be exactly equal to the sum of its digits. For multi-digit numbers, this still holds true. Let's take a two digit number in the form: ab. Where a and b represen (MORE)

Two digit number is three more than 7 times the sum of it's digits?

If there are two digits than the first one is ten times its value. So as an algebraic equation we get 10A + B - 3 = 7(A x B) This can be simplified to 10A + B - 3 = 7A + 7B and this reduces to 10A - 7A = 7B - B +3 or 3A =6B +3 A solution to this is 3(3) = 6(2) +3 Which (MORE)

What is the answer four times the sum of the digits of a two-digit numbr is equal to the numberif the digits are reversed th resulting number is 27 greater than the original number what is the number?

Name the digits 'T' and 'U', for 'tens digit' and 'units digit'.. First statement: 4 (T + U) = 10T + U. 4T + 4U = 10T + U > 3U = 6T > U = 2T . Second statement: 10U + T = 10T + U + 27. 9U = 9T + 27 > U = T + 3 . === . U = 2T and U = T + 3 > 2T = T + 3 > T = 3 . U = 2T = 6 . The number could (MORE)

How many two digit numbers are equal to three time the product of their digits?

That can be solved by treating the digits of the number as two separate variables, and then expressing the question as an equation: 10A + B = 3AB 3AB - 10A - B = 0 A(3B - 10) - B = 0 A = B/(3B - 10) Now, we know that A and B must both be positive single digit numbers (otherwise, our firs (MORE)

The sum of the digits in two- digit number is 15 If the number is 6 more than 15 times the units digit find the number?

If the sum of the digits in a two-digit number is 15, and the number is 6 more than 15 times the units digit, the number is 96.. Let A and B be the digits. (A is the tens digit and B is the units digit) . A + B = 15, therefore A = 15 - B. 10A + B = 15B + 6 Substituting for A, and solving for B (MORE)

How do you multiply a three-digit number by a two-digit number?

Multiply the three-digit number by the one's digit, or last digit, of the two-digit number. That is your first part. Now multiply by the second-to-last digit, or ten's digit, and multiply the result by 10. That is your second part. Add the two parts and that is your answer.

How do you calculate the sum of all three-digit positive numbers?

The highest 3-digit number is 999. It's the 999 th counting number. The first 99 counting numbers have fewer than 3 digits. So there are (999 - 99) = 900 positive 3-digit numbers. The first is 100, the last is 999. 100 + 999 = 1,099 101 + 998 = 1,099 102 + 997 = 1,099 . . . There are (900/2) = (MORE)

How do you divide three digit numbers by two digit numbers?

You see how many times the two digit number goes into the first two numbers then you will take them away and then you will get the third number and put it on the end of your answer then you will see how many times your two digit number goes into your new number and then you will get your answer. And (MORE)

The tenths digit of a two-digit number is 3 more than the units' digit. The number is 8 more than six times the sum of the digits. Find the number.?

74 Let a 1 represent the tens digit and a o represent the unit digit. From the problem, we have two equations: 10a 1 +a o = 8+6(a 1 +a o ) a 1 =3+a o Substitute a 1 from the second equation into the first equation and solve for a 0 : 10(3+a o )+a o = 8+6((3+a o )+a o ) 30+10a o +a o = (MORE)

How many three digit numbers can be formed such that the sum of the digits is 6?

21 ways assuming no leading zeros, that is the smallest possible number with three digits is 100 Otherwise if leading zeros are allowed, it is 28 ways. . For three digit numbers the first digit can be 1-6. Leaving the remaining two digits to be 6-value_of_first_digit. For first digit 6, the (MORE)

When you reverse the digits of your 2 digit number the new number is 45 less than the original number and the sum of the two digits times the difference of the two digits is 45 What are the two digit?

72 is the original number 72 - 27 = 45 (7+2)*(7-2) = 9*5 = 45 Here's how to do it via algebra: Choose x as ten's & y as the one's digit of your number. So your original number is 10x+y When you reverse the digits of the number the new number (10y+x) is 45 less than the original so: (MORE)

What is two digit number which is nine times the sum of its digits?

81 : 8 + 1 = 9, and 9 x 9 = 81. Here's how to figure: If the 2-digit number is ab,. then the number is equal to 10*a + b. And nine time the sum equals 9*(a + b). Set these two equal and you have: . 9*a + 9*b = 10*a + b --> 8*b = a. Knowing that the digits must be in the range 1 through 9: (MORE)

What is the number of a two digit number that is four times the sum of its digits The tens digit is 3 less than the units digit what are you?

Let's break it down: "What is the two digit number ..." x is the 10's place; y is the 1's place; and z is the answer. 10x + y = z "... that is [equal to] 4 times the sum of its digits ..." 4(x + y) = 10x + y "... The tens digit is [equal to] 3 less than the units [1's] digit ..." x = y - 3 Brea (MORE)

What is the sum of the two digit number?

The sum of the two digit number depends on what the number is for e.x. 27 + 32= 59. You get this by first adding the 7 and the 2 together, because if you would line the problem up and down the would be lined up directly below or above each other, getting an answer of nine. Then you add the 3 and the (MORE)

What are the 45 three digit numbers that have a sum of 9?

If the digit '1' occupies the hundreds place then the other two digits total 8. 108, 117, 126, 135, 144, 153, 162, 171, 180 (9 three digit numbers) Similarly with '2 in the hundreds position the the remaining digits total 7. 207, 216, 225, 234, 243, 252, 261, 270 (8 three digit numbers) When the rem (MORE)

What is the sum of all three digit positive numbers?

Observe that: 100+999 =1099, 101 + 998 = 1099 up to 549+550=1099. So 1099 * (1000-100/2) or 1099 * 450 (450 pairs of numbers that sum to 1099) or 494,500. This is a variant of the method exposed in the "Gauss Anecdote"

How many three digit whole numbers have digits that sum to 25?

The first digit must be 7 or greater, because the digits of 699 only sum to 24. Of the numbers beginning with 7, only 799 sums to 25, because if either of the other two digits are less than 9, the sum will be less than 25. That's one so far. For number beginning with 8, the other two digits must (MORE)