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What two digit number is three times the sum of its digits?

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How many two digit numbers are equal to three time the product of their digits?

  That can be solved by treating the digits of the number as two separate variables, and then expressing the question as an equation: 10A + B = 3AB 3AB - 10A - B = 0

What number is six times the sum of its digits?

that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, cuz the only digit of six is 6, so, if I'm interpreting this question correctly, the answer would just be 36. no, i actually think it
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The tenths digit of a two-digit number is 3 more than the units' digit. The number is 8 more than six times the sum of the digits. Find the number.?

74 Let a1 represent the tens digit and ao represent the unit digit. From the problem, we have two equations: 10a1+ao = 8+6(a1+ao) a1=3+ao Substitute a1from the second equati